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Clinch: pressing your head against opponents face

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I'm prepping for a lethwei fight (fingers crossed) and after that there is a possibility I'll fight muay thai in Cambodia (again fingers crossed). 

During lethwei clinch, my teacher showed me how to press/rub the hard part of the skull against the opponent's soft parts of their face. Like bridge of nose, eyesocket. 

It's incredibly painful, I got what looks like scratch/burn marks on my cheek bone and nose after this. It's also mentally overwhelming. 

Is this allowed in muay thai? I remember an old post of Sylvie showing the burn marks of a fighter's face from his opponent's hair after a fight. Which seemed like a similar situation. 

I would hate entering a muay thai fight applying techniques that are illegal (and deemed uncivilised). 

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Mouthguards and groin protection are worn by Lethwei practitioners. During competition, however, they merely use tape and gauze to cover their hands instead of gloves. Athletes can win a bout by using Styles like headbutts, punches, elbows, knees, kicks, clinching, sweeps, and throws across three to five rounds.

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17 hours ago, Joseph Arthur De Gonzo said:

Yes, in Muay Thai you can def. press your head against your opponent, no problem here. Of course you can't head butt like in Letwei, but you can def. get that position and crush the face. You can also put your hand on the face blocking the airway and pushing on the jaw etc. 


Thank you!! Hurts like a mf haha. 

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