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Heavy bag filling ?

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I have a vinyl outslayer heavy bag if you have a better recommendation I'd be interested. My problem is no matter how hard I try to fill it feels like a pillow and I want it to be super firm.

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1 minute ago, Joseph Arthur De Gonzo said:

Mmm, weird. That's what most people do indeed. You need to find a way to compress it more. Maybe try refilling it by stage, putting weight on top of it for a few hours, then, more, then weights, and so on. 

Some people also put bags of sands in the middle. You might want to try this. 

I'll definitely try that was was just trying to stuff it with a stick 😂

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When I filled my bag I used a medicine ball at the top, worked it a few days, topped it off and repeated the process 4 or 5 times. If you haven't already refilled it, this may allow you to compact it without completely emptying it first. 

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