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A New 6 Month Multiple Entry Visa for Thailand - Starting Nov 13

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Visas are pretty much a hassle to deal with, and since the military take over they have gotten more strict in many ways, but it seems that the serious drop in tourism - not only because of change in country image, but also things like Russian currency collapse - has initiated a more friendly approach. A new 6 month multiple entry visa, with 60 day border runs, starting in November.

"The visa, costing 5,000 baht (US$139), will be available from November 13 this year. “It will grant travelers multiple entries during a 6-month period, for up to 60 days per entry. All foreign nationals are eligible to apply for METV,” the statement said.

The new visa will allow visitors to enter and leave the country as often as they want over the six-month period. It also means tourists can effectively stay in Thailand for six months with the visa, though they will have to leave the country every 60 days to keep the visa valid. In/out ‘border hops’ are a fact of life for many people residing in Thailand, even those with valid, long-term visas."


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This visa option sounded great at first, but looks to be turning out to be worse in reality. It seems that in order to be eligible for this visa, applicants but be able to provide proof of income over a certain threshold for the previous 6 months. This is going to make it very difficult for a lot of people. This kind of visa is still very new and no one seems quite sure what the rules are, but we do know that it must be obtained in the applicant's home country, which means most people won't be able to do a quick visa run to Laos or Malaysia to get it processed. Check with your local Thai Consulate, a lot of them don't seem to have made announcements regarding this kind of visa yet. The Washington D.C Royal Thai Embassy has, and lists the requirements as follows:


1. Your actual Passport or Travel Document. (Passport or Travel Document must not expire within 6 months and contain at least ONE completely empty visa page).
2. One visa application form completely filled out  (Download)
3. Two passport-size photographs (2″x2″) (photocopy or photo taken from Photostat will not be accepted). Photographs must have a light color background with a full- face view of the person without wearing a hat or dark glasses and covering up shoulders Photos must be taken within 6 months.
4. Flight confirmation/reservation (The name of the applicant must clearly appear on it)
5. Hotel reservation confirmation (The name of the applicant must clearly appear on it)
6. A copy of bank statement or evidence of adequate finance for the last 6 months with a minimum balance of $7,000 (every months) (The name of the applicant must clearly appear on it)
7. For non-US citizen, a copy of permanent resident alien card or a copy of valid US visa
8. An employment verification
9. For students, full-time student status proof
10.For self-employed, business license or business registration indicating the applicant’s name.
11.For minor under 20 years old, copy of a birth certificate, copies of mother and father’s passports/ID and copy of Marriage Certificate if any, letter of consent from mother and father for the minor to travel abroad in case not accommany with the child (have to be notarized) . in case of sole custody, a copy of court order must be provided

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6. A copy of bank statement or evidence of adequate finance for the last 6 months with a minimum balance of $7,000 (every months) (The name of the applicant must clearly appear on it)



So interesting. So instead of taking a more friendly approach, they are trying to take a tougher approach? Geez. I mean, if you are going to stay for 6 months you probably are going to need around a $1,000 a month but for some the timing could be very problematic. Nobody can just save up and go?

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