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1 Year Training in Bangkok and Bangkok Area - Which Gyms to choose for what :-)?

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Hello there,

I am visiting Thailand for a Year from May 2021 to May 2022.

Over the year I will primary stay in BKK. My primary goal for my time of stay is to practice Muay Thai at least twice a day.

I have around 2-3 Years Training in MT.

My Initial plan was to find gyms that focus on different aspects and stay with them for a Month (for example Kicks or Clinch work), unfortunately I couldn’t really figure out which gyms are focusing on what in BKK and BKK Area, besides FA Group.

Would be nice if you could send some Suggestions  : - )

  • Gyms that focus on the following in BKK or in the area:
  • Gyms for Fundamentals from beginner to Intermediate?
  • Gyms that focus on Kicking (Teep, High Kick, Low Kick, Middle Kick)?
  • Gyms that focus on Punching?
  • Gyms that focus on Knee Strikes?
  • Gyms that focus on Elbows?
  • Gyms that focus on Clinch?
  • Gyms that focus on Sweeps?

The Gym can be full Thai, would be a nice addon if there was someone capable of speaking some English :)


Thanks in Advance : - )












  • Nak Muay 1
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Just some suggestions BKK.

For "hands" Chatchai Sasakul

For "all around technique" Samart Payakaroon.

For "authentic old school" gym feel Sangtiennoi's gym

For "brushing with top fighters in a hot gym" PK Saenchai

For small gym with a great padman Yodwicha Gym

If you aren't physically too big Keatkomtorn gym has good clinch

This is Sylvie's recommended list:


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