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  1. Thanks for the fast answer, will try them out when I am there My height is 183 cm so I am not to sure about that :S
  2. Hello there, I am visiting Thailand for a Year from May 2021 to May 2022. Over the year I will primary stay in BKK. My primary goal for my time of stay is to practice Muay Thai at least twice a day. I have around 2-3 Years Training in MT. My Initial plan was to find gyms that focus on different aspects and stay with them for a Month (for example Kicks or Clinch work), unfortunately I couldn’t really figure out which gyms are focusing on what in BKK and BKK Area, besides FA Group. Would be nice if you could send some Suggestions : - ) Gyms that focus on the following in BKK or in the area: Gyms for Fundamentals from beginner to Intermediate? Gyms that focus on Kicking (Teep, High Kick, Low Kick, Middle Kick)? Gyms that focus on Punching? Gyms that focus on Knee Strikes? Gyms that focus on Elbows? Gyms that focus on Clinch? Gyms that focus on Sweeps? The Gym can be full Thai, would be a nice addon if there was someone capable of speaking some English :) Thanks in Advance : - )
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