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Body Kicks and Low Kicks

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I’ve been practicing Muay Thai for 1 year, consistent for 6 months. My body and low kicks have gotten much better but sometimes I get tired during a drill/combo and I end up hitting my foot or toes on the thai pads. I go home with bruises and I usually soak them in epsom salt and then massage them. 

Do you have any tips I can use to prevent these intermittent foot injuries when kicking? My biggest fear is getting older and having bad feet lol. 

Thank you! 

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Specify pad training.
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Ankle wraps are mostly meant for protecting the ankles from rolling but they also protect some parts of the foot.

Some bags and pads are softer than others. I'm not a fan of thai pads that never seem to break in and always remain hard - I like slightly soft ones that are able to develop an inward curve - they hurt less. Also with bags, if they're too hard or compacted heavily at the bottom, they will hurt.

Largely I think you should work on extending your hips out and really aim to always connect with your shins perpendicular to the pads. Better to attain consistent technique even when tired.

Though connecting with the foot is useful in kicking, like in head kicks, conditioning your feet is necessary. Im pretty sure my feet have grown ever so slightly from kicking so often. I always used to connect with my foot as well and I was able to get to a point of not feeling pain in them anymore. A hot epsom salt soak is fantastic for the easing muscles, though when it comes to an injury or bruise, I would ice the area first as soon as possible after training.

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My immediate advice any time I see someone hurting their foot in kicking, it's because you're too far away. If your foot is contacting the pad or the bag, you're too far. Just step forward 6 inches. The kick should land on your shin and the foot should wrap around to the back of the leg, body, pad, bag.

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You might also want to look into the Golden Kick, an older school version of the Thai Kick. Sylvie's article on it, with lots of video, is here:


The reason I mention this is because the Golden Kick has two movements in it (they become one, once you are super proficient, but two in the beginning), it might help you, as you mention that this happens when you are tired. You might feel more control and awareness of your distance, after the rising of the leg, just as you turn over your hip. An idea anyways. Best of luck!

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