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Hey all, new here I am a long-time lover of Muay Thai.¬†As most I got into it with Tony jaa movies lol. Now buakaw/rodtang¬†and¬†Sylvieūüôɬ†I am not trained mind you (I did have a couple month stint with a self trained Muay Thai guy in job corps, like 10 years¬†back. yes not ideal at all but ehh I took what I got.) now I‚Äôm 31 5‚Äô5‚ÄĚ 125lbs had a dual laparoscopic hernia surgery last year( from labor¬†Intensive jobs, FedEx, Lowes Garden¬†center trees, rocks, soil¬†etc)(pretty bad diet of shit I am trying to work on that)¬†¬†

had a micro preemie birth 1lb 4oz, 23 weeks gestation (5 weeks I think,) 3.5 months in a  incubator, class 3 brain bleed (hemorrhage,) and intestinal rupture, I have mild cerebral palsy (muscle weakness) on my right side (both arm and leg) so my power side is my left, ALL that happened at birth...it’s crazy I’m alive at all lmao... all that being said,

Potentially given the right teacher with understandings of my limitations would it be cool to pursue training. I am currently trying to condition myself ( haven’t actually worked out since high school so I’m trying to go slow) with a mile jog/walking,

currently doing my own set of a burn out. 125 curls 25 with  attempted 10 push-ups in between sets of 25 curls.  And some crunch work... what do you all think? 



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Hey! I recognize your handle from Youtube. 

Andy Thomson was the first to really emphasize the importance of ambidextrous training to me. Not to fight as a switching fighter, but just to be balanced. I love that you're taking meaning in training both sides and truthfully speaking, everyone has a "weak side" and quite honestly it's much weaker in most people than is necessary. Your workout sounds solid and will develop as you go, but just feel where you're struggling and push the line a little. Then a little, then a little. It's awesome.

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