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Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu

Pattana Kitiarsa, Beyond Syncretism: Hybridization of Popular Religion in Contemporary Thailand, Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, 36 (3), pp 461–487 October 2005

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    • @iiaks re Kongtoranee Gym, I may have been wrong about their status. We just went to a local Pattaya show and several of the young Thai fighters were said to be from Kongtoranee Gym...so maybe it is doing well on the young fighter local circuit?
    • Hi everyone, After going to Thailand and learning privately with Yodkhunpon for many sessions, I have really improved a lot in the field of elbow and knee fighting, and have really dominated the close range fighting zone in my gym. (Thanks for Sylvie😁😁) But lately, there came a new fighter who has really good Boxing skills. His punches are so fast, hard and accurate, that even though he has little experience in inside fighting, I had really tough times just getting close enough to make use of my elbows and knees during our sparring. Turns out this guy was a professional Boxer and won WBC fights, no wonder lol. So I come here to ask, if there is any effective way to close the gap between myself (a Muay Sok/muay Khao) and a heavy puncher (a Muay Mat)? I'd appreciate it very much 🙂
    • I was planning to train this winter / spring, but the air quality across the country looks atrocious. We are talking in the 100-200 range, which is as bad as it gets worldwide. The numbers are particularly bad in the North due to the burning of fields across the region. I am surprised this topic has not been covered here extensively. To put it in perspective, AQI of 150 (Chiang Mai numbers in March) is roughly equivalent to smoking half a pack per day. There's just no way to run / train / relax with air this bad. AQI is back down into the 50s on the islands in the South as of mid-March. I might attempt the trip now, though still a bit concerned. Please share your experiences with air quality here.
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    • I'll recommend you Elite's Gloves.
    • I would say it depends more on purpose, rather than speed or power. For sparring gloves, you want ones which a) protect your hand and wrist well (like all gloves), and b) protect your partner (nice soft padding, etc.).  I've also heard decent things about Leone. I have a pair of (Western-style) leather gloves from another Italian manufacturer, Montana: very good price, and seem good, at least after 6 months of use. Wouldn't mind some Thai ones, so will watch this space.
    • When it comes to gloves, it really depends on what you're looking for. Some folks like a lighter glove for better hand speed, while others prefer a heavier glove for more power in their strikes. As for brands, there are a ton of options out there. If you're curious about Leone gloves, I've heard good things about them too! Why don't you try a few different brands and weights until you find what works best for you? If you're looking for a good place to start, you could check out these boxing gloves amazon as an option. They have a wide variety of options, and you can read customer reviews to get a better idea of what people like and dislike about different gloves.
    • Sylvie and Kevin are definitely legends in the Muay Thai community, so you're in great company
    • Great! Thank you for all the help 
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