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On 6/24/2020 at 10:47 AM, Oliver said:


Oh yeah, to wrap up the story of the American dickhead. He refused to do any Muay Thai training after the first week when he realised how shit he was. Wanna know what he did instead? Picked up a pair of pads and asked if he could hold for a Thai dude for a round. Kid was like, err... Yeah ok whatever. American filmed it on his phone too. Then puts the the video and photos on his gym's website saying he worked as a trainer in a Thailand gym, and now teaches Muay Thai classes as well as his own martial art. Then wrote on his website that the gym in Thailand is his gyms's "sister gym" and how he 'trained a Lumpinee Champion'.


Sounds like a job for 'Bullshit Man'


If the guy is that loud mouthed, he's going to get found out eventually. People are going to look him up and find there's no evidence for his 'achievements'.

I think Sylvie or Kevin posted last year about a Muay Thai gym owner in Mexico (I think it was Mexico, apologies if it wasn't, Mexicans) who claimed to have fought and beaten top level Muay Thai stadium fighters in Thailand, and had posted a picture from his fighting days in the ring as proof. The guy in the picture was Karuhat. People were pointing this out in the comments.

'That's not you, that's Karuhat Sor Supawan'

Mexican gym owner: 'No, it's me'

'You're full of shit. Here's a video of the fight that picture's from. It's Karuhat'

Mexican gym owner: 'No, it's 100% me'


The truth always comes out, especially when you have access to the internet. 

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😂 Love Karl Pilkington, legend!

That's hilarious...brazen enough to use a famous person's photo! 🤣🤣🤣 

It's true, way more likely to get busted these days. The last guys to really get away with it probably came up in the 90s or something

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