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(Just a feel good little story) Not really Muay Thai related.

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Hey all, I thought I would share my recent rescue (I rescue Australian wildlife in my spare time) 

We got a call last night about an Echidna who was hit by a car and who needed to be be taken to the hospital (Steve Irwin's Wildlife hospital if anyone is a fan) 

Anyway, this little animal was tough as nails! it decided to burrow itself into the dirt (this is how they defend themselves) It took my partner and I over an hour of digging and manoeuvring to pick her up and to take her for treatment and to be checked over by the doctors. 

This little creature had "clinched" itself into the ground so strongly it was like trying to lift a tree stump out of the ground!!!!! 

As rescuers we get to name the animal... I decided to call it Sylvie! I think It's only fitting... it's little, very strong and good at clinching LOL

So, little Sylvie has now been cleared with just minor injuries, a few scratches and small damage to the spikes, so so lucky. 

She will be released back into the wild in the next few days! 





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