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Gyms in the south, advice anyone?

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So last time I went to thailand I trained at Sitjaopho in Hua Hin, Ramba Somdete in Pattaya and FA Group in Bangkok. 
But, I did not once go to the beach or anything else than training. 
This time around I would like to train but also experience the beaches and beautiful spots of the south of Thailand. 
I am a big guy, 193cm and 100kg, so although I prefer smaller gym, I can't really go to a mostly thai fighters oriented gym, but I have absolutely no interest in going to camps like Sinbi or Tiger. 
Here are the places I've been thinking of. 
Singpatong Sitnumnoi: It would be my first choice but it's in Patong and the night life thing does not interest me at all. 
Yodyut Muay Thai: Seems legit. Price are fair and seems like a good location.
Sinlapa formerly Kaewphitak : In Phuket, also seem legit, good location. 
Phuket Fight Club
Phuket King
I would really appreciate advice and comments. 
Thank you
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