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Recommendation for training in Hong Kong


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Hey all,

I'll be staying in HK for some days and wonder if anyone can recommend a place to train over there.

Preferably some private training.

Maybe someone knows someone who's offering some private sessions.

Asking Google mostly offered some fancy, new "fitness and also Muay Thai" spots, but thats not really what I'm searching.


Thank you in advance!



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Just had a quick look, seems to be quite a few gyms there. These are the first two that come up on google maps:



Look like they're worth checking out, both of them have Thai trainers.

I've got a friend in Hong Kong who trains Muay Thai, I'll ask him what gym he goes to

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There are many gyms in Hong Kong that can provide you private sessions. You can check out:


Also at the mean time, you can also find some Muay Thai Blogs, that would also help you in your training, like:

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