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9 Fighters of the Year in the Muay Thai Libary

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9 Fighters of the Year

With the addition of Namsaknoi to the Library we now have an incredible 9 Fighters of the Year documented in the Muay Thai Library. reaching all the way back to 1972 (RIP Sirimongkol who was precious to capture), covering over 25 years of elite greatness. It's one thing to look at a list (below), but such another thing to actually look at their muay, and the men themselves, their personalities, their rhythm and movement. It's kind of incredible that this has been assembled, and we definitely have plans to look document as many of these yodmuay as we can. This is over 12 hours of archival footage. Thank you patrons for making this all possible. It is literally preserving the legacy.

There are 4 Muay Khao fighters (Dieselnoi, Langsuan, Chamuakphet, Samson - he considers himself a Muay Khao fighter) which is awesome because this was a rather undocumented, under celebrated style of Muay Thai until only a few years ago. It's recent appreciation has in some part come through Sylvie's revival and archiving of it. You could add Naksaknoi, who was a pressuring fighter who would finish opponents off in the clinch, that would make 5 Muay Khao fighters. You have two Muay Maat punchers in Samson and Kongtoranee. Kaensak was also adept with his hands, and Samart and Sirimongkol as well. And maybe 4 Muay Femeu fighters in Namsaknoi (he fought both ways), Samart, Sirimongkol and Kaensak. A very nice cross section of absolutely elite fighting styles.

Naksaknoi (1996):  #65 Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn - Sharking The Angles (67 min) watch it here  

Samson (1991):  #41  Samson Isaan - The Art of Dern Fighting (64 min) watch it here  

Kaensak (1989, 1990):  #24 Kaensak Sor. Ploenjit - Explosive Defense (55 min) watch it here  

Samart (1981, 1983, 1988):  #34 Samart Payakaroon - Balance, Balance, Balance! (81 min) watch it here  

Langsuan (1987):  #45 Langsuan Panyutapum - Monster Muay Khao Training (66 min) watch it here  

Chamuakphet (1985):  #49 Chamuakpet Hapalang - Devastating Knee in Combination  (66 min) watch it here  

Kongtoranee (1978, 1984):  #37 Kongtoranee Payakaroon - Power In The Hands (89 min) watch it here  

Dieselnoi (1982):  #48 Dieselnoi Chor. Thanasukarn - Jam Session  (80 min) watch it here  AND  #30 Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn 2 - Muay Khao Craft  (42 min) watch it here  AND  #3 Dieselnoi  Chor Thanasukarn  - The King of Knees (54 min) - watch it here  

Sirimongkol (1972):  #54 The Late Sirimongkol and Lertrit Master General Tunwakom (81 min) watch it here  


A list of the older Fighters of the Year winners:

1999 – Saenchai Sor Kingstar (Highlight Video Here)
1998 – Kaolan Kaowichit (Highlight Video Here)
1997 – Anantasak Panyuthapoom
1996 – Namsaknoi Yuthkarnkamthon (Highlight Video Here)
1995 – Kaoponglek Luksuratham (Highlight Video Here)
1994 – Orono Por Muangubon (Highlight Video Here)
1993 – Wangchannoi Sor Palangchai (Highlight Video Here)
1992 – Jaroensap Kiatbanchong
1991 – Saenmuangnoi Lukjaophomehesak (Samson Isarn) (Highlight Video Here)
1990 – Kaensak Sor Ploenchit (Highlight Video Here)

1989 – Kaensak Sor Ploenchit 
1988 – Samart Payakaroon (Highlight Video Here)
1987 – Langsuan Panyuthapoom
1986 – Panomthuanlek 5 Palang 
1985 – Chamuekpetch 5 Palang 
1984 – Kongthoranee Payakarun 
1983 – Samart Payakarun 
1982 – Dieselnoi C. Thanasukarn (Highlight Video Here)
1981 – Samart Payakarun 
1980 – Nongkhai S. Prapassorn 

1979 – Phadetsuek Pitsarnurachan 
1978 – Kongthoranee Payakarun 
1977 – Vicharnoi Porntawee (Old Footage Here)
1976 – Porsai Sittbunlert 
1975 – Pud Pad Noi Vorawud (Highlight Video Here)
1974 – Puth Lawlek 
1973 – Sansak Muangsurin (Classic Fight Here)
1972 – Sirimongkol Luksiripat 
1971 – Seechang Sakornpitak (Classic Fight Here)
1970 – Fasai Taweechai 

taken from this website source, which is posting from a book

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4 minutes ago, Jeremy Stewart said:

I'd dance naked in the moonlight and sacrifice chickens to the dark lord if Wangchannoi was number 10

Are working on it, but understand not all fighters lead positive, stable lives after their fighting days. I don't know the exact situation, but I get the feeling it isn't awesome. As a note, in his fighting days his nickname was "Chivas".

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9 minutes ago, Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu said:

Are working on it, but understand not all fighters lead positive, stable lives after their fighting days. I don't know the exact situation, but I get the feeling it isn't awesome. As a note, in his fighting days his nickname was "Chivas".

I know. I'm just fan boy #1. I had read things weren't good. I prefer the 33sec one to the chivas one. Sometimes,  I like rose coloured glasses.

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