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Found 10 results

  1. Before Muay Thai, I was playing soccer and had to stop due to a knee injury (torn meniscus). I was looking for a sport to do for the fitness side without any risk of further knee injuries, but somehow ended up doing Muay Thai. I fell in love with this sport immediately and nothing was going to stop me not even my knee. It's been two years and probably twice a year I get bad knee pains mostly from running :( it gets so frustrating, it stops me from kicking and especially running sometimes for a week or possibly a month. At the moment I am contemplating whether I should have surgery on my knee before I leave for Thailand (hopefully around August). I don't want to go to a gym and say I cant run because I'm worried they will think I'm using excuses. I just choose to skip for longer rounds as it gives me a lower risk of an injury. I'm worried to have surgery but then again it could end up well? Sometimes I believe it can be healed with rehabilitation and strength training and just being cautious, but then again I don't want to go to Thailand and have anything stop me from my goals...
  2. Hey All! Thanks in advance for any info & assistance! So I've been training for 9 months. At about month 4, I got kicked during sparring in the upper ribs just below my pectoral muscle. It didn't feel broken but was just super tender for a few days. After that it just settled in to a low ache, but then the low ache never went away. It would feel like it was starting to fade, but every time I'd go to practice muay thai I feel like I'd re-up the injury a little bit. It ended up lasting for probably 10-12 weeks until I took 2 or 3 weeks off from training after my first fight. Getting back in to training after the fight it was gone! Hurray! But then I got kicked again about a month ago and its the same story, just a constant low ache that never goes away. Its frustrating because I feel like I'm always holding back a bit during training and I'm always trying to protect that spot during sparring. I've heard and read about all kinds of little injuries from muay thai, but never something like this. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone have any tips/exercises I might do to help it go away? Thanks a lot!
  3. Hello ive been training in muay thai for about a year now and had my first amateur fight. I ended up throwing a jumping kick and landed with my knee bent so i ended up tearing my acl on my knee. Doctors say i might need surgery but its something i dont afford. Is there anyone who has had this injury before? Is there anything i can do? I miss training with all my heart and well ive heard that after a acl injury and no surgery you cant do what you used to. Is there other remedies? All advise is much appreciated
  4. Hi everyone, I didn't find a thread about this, and Sylvie wrote about the importance of training around injuries. So here my problem : I broke a finger 3 days ago in training, which totally suck because I feel I really can't do anything. Any advices in what techniques I could work on in the meanwhile, how to keep my arm active (even if i can't do push up or pull up because of my finger), or anything else? Anything else you might think about that I could add to my -now- limited training Thanks a lot!
  5. Before I started muay thai, I fight in sanda rules ("chinese kick-box", also with throws and leg grabs). I was always afraid to kick the body, because in sanda we rather use our feet, not shins, when we kick, and it was so painful when I accidentaly kicked my opponent's elbow. And my friend's foot broke actually by this: she kicked, and her opponent used elbow as a guard. I started muay thai, I've learnt to kick with my shins, and slowly I started to be "brave" enough to kick to the body. It's still painful when I kick an elbow, but my shins became harder And now... We had sparring at training (2 weeks ago), my training partner was a beginner man. He didn't know how to defense, or catch leg, he just moved instinctively. I teeped him - he pushed forward his elbows ---> extreme pain in my foot. Next day I couldn't stand on my injured foot, so I went to a hospital. X-Ray, diagnosis: IV. metatarsal bone is broken. I can't walk, just with crutches, it means a month "rest". I hate it, I'm worried if it will be normal again, etc... So, okay, I never experienced this, when I spar or fight with a non-starter opponent. I never used my elbow to defend a teep. But really... You can't strenghten up your feet. And I don't want to be afraid to use teeps. How can you avoid this?
  6. I received a strong blow to the shin sparring, and the subsequent bruise and knot/swelling followed. I put ice on it the first two days and then tried the towel/hot water method that Silvye shows in her video. It felt good, the problem is that after the second time I did it I ended up with scratchings on my skin from the towel (I have very thin skin, it sucks) so now I don't know what to do. My trainer, the old one, told me to freeze a glass water bottle and then roll my shin with it. I could also try the stick method. I am confused What do you use to treat your shins? Do you have any suggestion for sensitive skin?
  7. Hi everyone, Have you had any serious foot cramps before? The kind that feels like your feet are getting all crunched up and you try to move the muscles in your feet but that only makes the pain worse and actually nothing moves on your feet anyway. It's debilitating although temporary. The annoying part is that it comes and goes consistently at random times. Massaging with rubber balls seems to help, but only temporarily. I've been give the advice that it's due to excessive sweating during training and thus depletion of essential minerals, and was encouraged to take some magnesium and vitamin B12? Someone also recommended to eat shit loads of bananas, which I did but that doesn't help either. Would love any constructive feedback! Thanks guys
  8. I used to box in western style and recently picked up Muay Thai and am now in Bangkok training. As an active boxer I ran religiously, but it's been awhile. One thing that I noticed whenever I come back to running after some time off, is the massive calf pain that lasts sometimes for almost 10 days. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this, and others can pitch in on ways to avoid or at least minimize this inconvenience. I'm diligent in easing into it, but still have not been able to avoid it.
  9. So I've got a spine that had a small break in it when I was younger and did gymnastics. I didn't know about it until a couple of years ago when I lost my core and gained a bunch of weight (thanks to my poor ability to watch what I eat at the time), and then tried to be physical and landed my ass in the ER. Now, since that time two years ago, I've learned a lot about myself, become more active, started muay thai, lost a little bit of weight (nowhere near enough, but its distributed different on my body now.. I've replaced some fat with muscle), had surgery on my shoulder, and then made the decision to start training to fight, beginning of next year being my goal. That being said, I just cannot get a handle on my hips. I've been working with my physical therapist on trying to keep them flexible (which, now they're stupid flexible.. I've gone from one extreme to the other), and have been working my hips to get used to the movements of kicking, kneeing and such. But my problem is that if I don't hold my hips just right, my lower back starts to act up because... Well I don't know why. For reference, the problem spot on my spine is middle of my back, in the lumbar region. I try to keep my pelvis tilted forward, shoulders over hips, etc. Still running into pain and pinching. Any thoughts? Advice? Again, it's not a matter of flexibility, as I'm borderline too flexible (if there is such a thing). Any help is appreciated.
  10. I had my first interclub fight on Saturday (I'm hopefully going to write more about that at the weekend!), and I got a really hard kick to the ribs. I am still in quite a lot of pain, although I don't think they are broken..... So, I'm assuming this is a pretty standard injury (until you get better at blocking) so I'm after some tips/advice about how to deal with it. I'm keen to get this right as I fly out to Thailand in 2 weeks and really want it to be better by then!
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