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  1. Hey there. I go to Phuket very often and would recommend Phuket Top Team. It's in the area with the tourists etc but it's quite nice anyway. It's at the end (or beginning?) of Soi-tad-ied. They focus on fighters and quality instead of having lots of students. And if you like or want to try out muay boran you should definitely go to Tiger Muay Thai and train with Kru Oh. He's a genius and I learned a lot of things that I could also apply to muay thai. His krabi krabong class is also very good. Ah, I'm also from Germany btw. If you have further questions regarding Phuket don't hesitate to ask.
  2. Hey guys, thanks. One of my friends told me abut Attachai a few days ago :) Just looked it up and saw that it's only a few stops away from where I'll be living. This is exciting news. Looking forward to try it out! Thank you very much.
  3. Hi, I'm doing something similar but I'll be in Bangkok this August. Have been to a couple of gyms in Bangkok but I didn't really like them 100%. Getting a bit bored of the open training sessions, where you don't really have training partners or fighters to train with... Is there a gym that someone could recommend for a first fight? I got 2 fight offers in Phuket too and was thinking about staying there for a bit, when I'm back and start there but I'll be back in Bangkok after that and it would be nice if I could continue here or maybe even start here right away, if it's possible. Heard that Bangkok is not as good as Phuket for a first fight. Is it true? Thank you very much in advance!! Have a nice weekend :)
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