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  1. Thank you both for your input on Santai, I've heard similar remarks from others who have trained there. I think I'll stick with Hongthong!
  2. Great - thank you for all this information. How about Santai vs. Hongthong for my primary Chiang Mai gym?
  3. Thank you so much for this answer - it seems like a good way to have my cake and eat it too; fighting frequently while getting exposure to both city and rural environments, and more authentic hardcore training without putting myself out of my depth at the beginning. And it confirms what I suspected: that Chiang Mai is the place for me to be, for the frequency that I want to fight at. And thank you for the Sangtiennoi suggestion, I'd read Sylvie's post but somehow it hadn't registered as an option...
  4. I'm moving to Thailand from New York City in June to start fighting full time, and I'm looking for opinions on gyms to start at. For context, I only have one smoker and two fights here in the US (3x2, no elbows) so I still consider myself at the beginning of my fight career. I have no preference for city and I'm comfortable with the notion that whatever gym I start at might not be where I end up. The two that I'm currently looking at are Hongthong gym in Chiang Mai, and Kem Muay Thai in Khorat. I've trained at Hongthong before for a week and had a good experience, while Kem is an unknown to me, although the training looks authentic and hardcore which appeals to me. My concerns with Kem are that it might be too hardcore for a beginning fighter like me and perhaps with less access to fights at my level, in addition to the fact that it is isolated and I don't actually speak Thai yet (although I'm trying to teach myself). I like to think I'm adventurous and if I don't start at Kem I will end up training there for some amount of time eventually. My concern with Hongthong is that it's more geared towards tourist training, although they certainly have fighters and there is a lot of access to fight shows, especially for women, in Chiang Mai. Anybody have any advice or suggestions as to what I should take into account as I pick a gym?
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