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  1. Hi I wasn't quite sure where to post this but I thought this was the best place. I'm 18 and currently saving up to spend as long as possible in Thailand. last year I spent six weeks at Sinbi Muay Thai in Phuket and was super lucky to meet Sylvie and Kevin, watch her fight and have my first two fights. Ever since I got back from Thailand I've felt completely out of place but i know next time i go i want to spend a lot longer and fight/learn as much as possible. Even fighting here just isn't the same, some shows wont event let you seal the ring or do your ram Muay. I wish I knew more last time, Phuket was probably the wrong place to go but at least i know that now. I don't particularly care for the beaches and bars, I just want to train and fight. I have to say i loved sinbi it was amazing, all the trainers were great, everyone there was super friendly and it was super inspiring to meet Judy and Dani the two westerners fighting out of Sinbi. But, it's mainly a commercial gym and i know i probably could have gotten more out of my trip if i had gone somewhere cheaper with less farangs for a longer time. I am still young and naïve and probably could do with being at a friendlier gym with a little more instruction. I was looking at Rambaa m16 gym but i don't know much Thai, ive been told that Pattaya is more suited to "farang kee nok" and i want to train Thai not mma. I was also looking at the 6 month multi entry visa but don't want to limit myself to 6months if i can afford longer. So really I'm looking for a gym where I can get good quality/cheaper training and accommodation (with a good friendly atmosphere) and will have the opportunity to fight frequently? As you can tell im super confused and could really do with some advice so any would be very much appreciated. Cheers, Sam
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