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  1. Sparring under different rules is important if you are going to fight under them. Even better if you know someone who judges fights under those rules ask them what they are looking for and get them to watch your sparring if you can. Obviously this isnt always an option.
  2. One thing that I find its important to remember is that sparring is all about learning not winning as much as it sucks to feel that your opponent got the better of you. Sounds like you are already good at being aggressive so its worth working on the the things you are worse at during sparring. I find the best thing I can do when sparring is have a goal. I want to work on my Teep/Headmovment/range and make that my primary goal. Don't only do that but it allows you to have something you can focus on even if you are outhit. "Yeah the other person hit me more but I can feel my teep improving" is a good feeling and very worthwhile.
  3. Ill be honest unscented would be preferred for me personally. I had a scented deodorizer in my gloves before sparring in Savate a few years ago. Was wondering why my eyes were watering and I kept sneezing. Turns out having my hands up in guard was setting off my hay fever cos they had used lavender in the deodorizer.
  4. Hey I'm Carl. Hadn't really trained Muay Thai in many years after training about a year of it in my early 20s. Really enjoying starting again however. I have trained some other combat sports here but I'm really happy to be training Muay Thai again. I showed my partner who has doesn't have a huge interest in Muay Thai the youtube channel and the preserve the legacy project and she was in awe of the dedication and love Sylvie had for the sport. Im looking forward to listening here, seeing what I can learn from people as a beginner and watchin more of the Muay Thai Library content, I haven't really seen anything like it for any other sport. There is the BJJ technique videos that people can buy but they don't quite capture the personality and history of the instructors in the same way.
  5. I can talk somewhat on the effect concussions have. But obviously this is one persons experence so take it with a fist full of salt. I got concussed badly in a non fighting/training accident. It was about the third time in my life I got concussed the first two I felt fine within a day or two. First was from rollerblading and second from being kicked in the head during an MMA class. I ended up with dizzy spells memory loss and other issues for over a year. Im still very careful about hard sparring now. One of the biggest issues people can have is something called second impact syndrome, which can be fatal, it happens when some has another traumatic brain injury before they have recovered from the first. The most important thing I can say is if you are concussed and you are able to do so take the time of from sparring. If you suspect you have had a concussion I do not recommend sparring more that day and in fact fact maybe even for a few weeks, also be careful jumping back in the moment you feel better, you might still need time to heal. I do realize that this might not be possible for professional fighters and people who need to be on the mats/in the ring to make a living.
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