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  1. Hmm close call in that last round knockdown. They both seemed very similar but only Thai got counted.... Good heart from both.. Strong mind from the American
  2. Follow instincts and allow yourself to trust when you feel comfortable... I did and always alone
  3. Pattaya for me, nice environment, plenty of local gyms, and I have seen farang v farang in heavier weights in Best friends and sailor bar....you can fight very often there..I did
  4. Gambling and Thailand are one in the same You can not remove it form Muay Thai ..or from betting on two rain drops on a window it is completely ingrained in their culture
  5. Perhaps shorts and t shirts with profits to the good man's family? He was well known and loved in Europe
  6. Hi true, I did eat clean ish between fights.. Just still had to go to extremes to make unrealistic weights set by myself
  7. I starved, dehydrated, ran miles on weigh in day, took pills... All to "look right" for muay Thai.
  8. Also often a dramatic weight cut can become a "badge of honour".. From the outside it seems bizarre now
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