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  1. Thank you I asked my coach too ( Ganyao Arunleung) and in his golden age fashion said it doesn't matter, it's the heart that matters I told him Muay Thai is the love of my life (just don't tell my husband ). I think I'll put the amulet on the rim right before the tail comes together. Or I'll wear it with a necklace and find another for the Mongkol. It will all come together as meant to be at the right time
  2. Hello, I made my own Mongkol as the gym I train at doesn't have a gym Mongkol to dress fighters with. I also bought an amulet that, long story short, feels like it was meant to be, but its bigger than I expected and covers my whole forehead ( not so much vanity concern, but more size ratio awkwardness) if placed in the front center of the Mongkol. Is it allowed to place the amulet at the back or side of the Mongkol? Also I have some of my sons hair to put on my Mongkol, but don't know where it's supposed to be placed as well if anyone knows. Lastly, I saw Silvies YouTube on how she had her mom's skirt made into her monkol and it had a little axe amulet. I have a fabric I wore back when traveling, and now as a mom and muay thai fighter, I want to make it into a Mongkol for my son (whether he continues with the sport again the future or not, at least he would have a monkol made from his mom's fabric). Is there any way to see a tutorial on how they actually made the fabric Mongkol (it looked twisted in a certain way but I don't know how). I have an arrow amulet I want to add on either my or my son's Mongkols, but again the sizing of it in comparison to the actual Mongkol seem uneven. Anyways , any answers would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Stay super playful durring sparring sessions. Work on integrating defence moves that get you inside and in positions where (if you were in a fight) your muay kao style would benefit, and then smile at your partner and reset (thus your muscles are learning without finalizing the action). Another great sparring goal is to find yourself back at center and cutting off partners movements. This helps when you start going too hard.
  4. Hello, The link to the woman's fights above is not appearing. Also, is there any plans for another all female Muay Khao Summit ? If so, how do you guys choose who can attend?
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