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  1. Here's a little update on my setup I had someone do a mural on the wall for inspiration. The next step is putting in some heavy bags and more gym equipment to make the work out area complete.
  2. Nice, I'm glad you're back to it that's good to hear that places are still trying to provide services. My Muay Thai gym opened back up but had someone tested positive for COVID so they had to close back down but they are still going hard on the Zoom classes. I unfortunately got sick recently nothing related to COVID but it took me out for a while. I'm also just getting back to training again so I can share your enthusiasm.
  3. Hey Richard I'm glad that your gym was kind of enough to let it's students borrow equipment. How do you like the online classes via zoom? I've been enjoying my classes with my gym online. It's not the same but it definitely helps to stay active and practice some technique. Take care and let's hope and pray that this will be over soon.
  4. Nice setup Jim I like all the stuff up on the walls very organized and inspirational.
  5. I agree with SP if the home remedies don't work you might have to get it checked out by a medical professional. I totally understand why you're on the forum asking for advice though, with the COVID19 situation it's a little worrisome going to the doctor right now. I wonder if there's any other online medical websites you can try to inquire about your situation. I wish you the best of luck and I hope your elbow starts healing soon.
  6. Thanks, I'm glad to finally find a good community that shares the same passion for the art of Muay Thai. Yes I will start doing my homework and exploring more of this awesome website and it's content. Also thank you for the suggestion on the home gym your setup is really awesome keep up the good work. Hey Mitchell thanks for the warm welcome I appreciate it and it's awesome to see someone else from L.A practicing Muay Thai. I also made it my goal to start training last year. I actually used to be really overweight and I decided that once I lost a good amount of weight I would gi
  7. Hey that's really awesome, I am going to take inspiration from your setup. I have a nice open space that I'm working on as well but I just need the equipment. I will post a picture of my open space and maybe you can give me some tips or suggestions.
  8. Hello my name is Eder and I'm new member here and I am from Los Angeles, California. I recently started training in the art of Muay Thai (about 6 months ago) out of SickSide gym. Like many other places all of the gyms out here have closed down and it's been pretty rough for smaller businesses. However, I decided to continue my membership with my gym in order to support as much as possible. We have recently started training online through live streaming and an online portal that includes training videos. At this point and time staying active and productive is hard enough so the online classes h
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