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  1. God dang watching these make me miss the gym Awesome set up though dude! Keep grinding! I'll do the same
  2. Hey Eder! Welcome I've also recently joined, it's been awesome so far I find myself coming back and reading it all the time. I just started Muay Thai, it was actually my New Year's resolution to finally go to the gym that's right down the street, and here I am! I live in North Hollywood! Maybe after this is all cleared up we can meet one day! As far as how I've been affected training wise, the gym has been closed (it originally said April 1st was to the be the reopen date, back when Covid first started. Haven't been back to check.) But, I've been finding this time to be very constructive for me. I'm a terrible procrastinator and self-starter, and I feel like this time is allowing me to really work on that muscle. I've been exercising on my own more and more, and I've been adding in things here and there watching Sylvie run through her solo work-outs. I incorporated 300 Teeps/300 Knees into my stretching now, something I never would've thought myself capable of doing really. It's been great. Great kindling for when I get to go back. Building a base for the fire
  3. Hey John! I found this resource while going through the site here a bit: https://8limbsus.com/muay-thai-thailand/golden-kick-how-to-improve-your-thai-kick Tooooons to munch on, graphics and a lot of videos as well. That "Wall Kick Exercise" seemed like a really good way to keep yourself from over arching the kick.
  4. Exercise I did today:

    100 teeps, 100 knees
    Stretch pt 1
    100 teeps, 100 knees
    Stretch pt 2
    100 teeps, 100 knees

  5. I've found the blending of the feminine and the masculine within Muay Thai (from my very fresh eyes mind you) to be one of the most fascinating things about it. As a person who's learned more and more about my own identity as time has gone on, finding a focus and a confidence through this art makes it a powerful space for me. Knowing that Saenchai exists right along side Buakaw, that -Grace Balance and Beauty- are just as important as -Power Speed Resilience-, that it's a dance as much as it is a martial art. I'm just in love! This community seems to capture all the complexity of that. Blessed I've landed here amongst you.
  6. Welcome! I'm a new as well, to Muay Thai in general and specifically the forums and community here (been awesome so far!) Thank you for posting something we can learn from, excited to see what the discussion brings! P.S. super jealous you have something you can kick at the house
  7. A long range and evasive style calls to me as well. Thank you for the resources all.
  8. Muay Thai is a God That's found me, my body the Incense I send it.
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