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  1. I find the opposite with keto, I have a ton of energy when I'm in ketosis and can get in a much longer and intense workout.
  2. I absolutely use it to train. My technique (with kicks and knees especially) is so much better after being able to see how Thai legends do it. My favourite are the clinch videos because I really want to get good at it. I just try to learn one or two things each time and practice them with my training partner.
  3. @Snack Payback Haha, that's crazy! he actually did it. I've had a lot of people joke about it, but yeah, there's no way i"ll be having backyard Kimbo style fights going on. We spar very light so there's no injuries that prevent us from training. I managed to get the floor built on the weekend and did some pad work with my mate. we tried out a new body protector too. I'll upload some pics soon.
  4. The Art of War is a fantastic book. the lessons can be applied to all aspects of life. It's more about being a leader than fighting.
  5. This is Paradise Gym, (named after my snake business, Paradise Pythons). I have a 6 foot heavy bag, jump rope, Thai pads, focus pads and gloves. I'm planning on adding a uppercut bag to the set up. The out side area (my back yard) has my new boxing ring, I'm building the floor this weekend. Also I have a chicken coop with 3 chickens for added authenticity.
  6. I would love to see Samkor Kiatmontep in the Library (especially that kick in slow motion). I think he might not be in Thailand though.
  7. The singer in my band is a gym junky, she got me on to the magnesium. I was shocked at how effective it was. The first time I tried it I had no hand cramps at all. I couldn't believe it. She is also the person that introduced me to Keyto. She was 110kg and is now 68kg. We have a little "keyto cult" going, The receptionist at work has lost around 40kg. Before Keyto I was pre-diabetic, I was lethargic and struggled to get through the day. I lost the first ten to fifteen kg without lifting a finger really. But I thought if I start exercising I could speed up the weight loss. When I was in my 20's
  8. Fantastic. I've lost 50kg so far through keyto. The magnesium is so good too. I play guitar in a band and used to get really bad cramps in my hand, magnesium stopped that instantly.
  9. I've been doing keyto for just over a year and a half. I take Potassium, magnesium and salt after every workout.
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