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  1. Yes! I did some research. Has my first training with him yesterday and i can already tell that i am gonna learn a lot from him. And he def is a funny person.
  2. You should definitly pack them if they don't take up to much space. There are also classes on saturday which is nice. And if you want to i can show you some clinching during open gym or saturday's.
  3. @Micc I guess you mean Bartosz? Haven't had the pleasure yet to train with him, but i am excited what he has to teach. @Mish Depending on your level, classes might be really packed sometimes, but the trainer handle it really well. If you are staying in NK it is pretty easy to get there even if the public traffic sucks very often. I recommend to you to get yourself a bike, especially now there is finally summer
  4. If you are in berlin, it depends a bit on where you are gonna stay. There are a few gyms... Spitfire is one option. I am currently at Ringside Gym and AXTCombat. They are both very central. Ringside has more training options in the evenings and mornings. If you have any questions, i can help you out
  5. I went to NSN for six weeks and i can only recommend it. First i lived somewhere else (Ban Tai), but i moved to the gym for the last weeks. The rooms at the gym are nice, but they only have fan nd no aircon. Some people can't handle that :) The Food which is included is very nice! The gym itself is super clean and has a nice bathroom with showers. I loved the training and the atmosphere and can only recommend it to everyone. There is a lot of focus on clinching and technique.
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