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  1. Dont worry about speed man. Keep focus on the technique - the speed comes with fluidity. The kick comes straight up like a knee and the hips turn over. Its a big hip rotation and the arm swing is needed to help bring the leg over and keep balance. Work within your flexibility range too. If youre trying to kick out of your range the tightness will slow the kick down. Focus on bringing your foot back to the ground so that its a big arc rather than just going up and striking. The body will be hesitant to commit to speed if its not sure where the foot is going to end up and leave you off balance. Practice in shadow a lot. Use the bag to try out what you've practiced in shadow and keep that cycle going. And what andy said previously, imagine your leg is just a giant slab of meat, and the rest of your body is the only thing that will tense to propel the leg.
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