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  1. Hi, I'm Aurélien, 29, and I live in Caen, France. I started muay thai 1 year ago and instantly fall in love with it. I've always been fascinated by martial arts, even did kung fu for a couple of years and attended some MT class by accident in May 2018. 1 year and a few months later I can say that I finally found something that gives me a sense of fulfillment I never experienced before. Even if I do not intend to fight (even though I'd be more than happy if I'd ever have the opportunity), I put a good deal of effort into learning, improving and constantly challenging myself physically and mentally. Here to meet new MT friends, get some tips and contribute within my capabilities!
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  2. On Facebook (where photos from their training are posted daily as they have a professional photographer - which I felt was distracting) doesn't look too crowded atm. When I was there yeah it was many people, more westerners than thais which made it very "western" but the amount of people did not feel like an issue. Training is good lots of clinching, sparring and pads and your own bag work. Trainers especially Kru D and Yothin are great. They have an American manager who handles admin stuff so easy to get help with stuff if needed. One thing that was annoying was that mats get superhot in the afternoon and doing pads on them was tough. FA group is close to Ari and Saphan Kwai. The former being a thai hipster neighbourhood and the latter an up and coming area and in my view nicest areas to stay in Bangkok. If you like or not probably depends on the people currently training.
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  3. It could be a few things. One of the more hidden aspects in the first 10 or so fights is that you can end up unconsciously holding your breath. This can happen if you are being pressured, or doing the pressure. You can be in great shape but still gas because you just are not breathing in rhythm, due to a lack of experience. Fights early on can make you hold your breath in ways you just don't realize. Another thing could be if you are not properly balanced with electrolytes, especially if you have cut weight. You want your sodium, potassium and to a much lessor extent magnesium to be abundant at fight time. If you are low on sodium or potassium you can seriously fatigue out of nowhere.
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  4. Wow! Impressive! I’m new to MT but I started yoga several times a week once I started Muay Thai 6 months ago to help with my flexibility! It does help. you can find yoga classes on line. Just a thought if you aren’t already trying to increase your flexibility. Edited to add. I should clarify it doesn’t have to be ‘yoga’ - but just stretches that may or may not be a yoga pose....to help increase your hip flexibility in particular
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