Muay Thai Bones Podcast ep 14 – Comanche Warrior Culture & Muay, Buddhistic Mind, Burnout

Here is Episode 14 of Muay Thai Bones, a little bit of a mini one. Usually we are pushing 3 hours or more on the Bones, but the drive...
hang with us as we drive across Thailand, episode 14

Here is Episode 14 of Muay Thai Bones, a little bit of a mini one. Usually we are pushing 3 hours or more on the Bones, but the drive was shorter this time, coming home from Hua Hin.  I hope you enjoy all the things we are discussing in what we are calling the most in-depth Muay Thai podcast in the world, discussing all the ways that Muay Thai touches life.

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Contents: episode 14

1. Comanche Indian History & Muay Thai culture 

2. Warrior Culture Harsh Brutality

3. The Buddhism and Muay Thai series: samadhi สมาธิ 

4. Why Fight-Forward Only Promotions Makes No Sense

5. Traditional Backwards Fighting

6. Muay Thai Burnout – You Are Going to Burnout

Some Episode 14 Reading Notes: Forum post and background: 

Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History

  • this book forms the context of the main part of the first part of the podcast discussion. It’s portrayal of Comanche warrior culture creates interesting counterpoints to Thailand’s fight culture.

Joe Rogan Experience #1397 – S.C. Gwynne

  • this is the author of Empire of the Summer Moon on Joe Rogan’s podcast, it’s how we found the book and gives an overview of its subject.

#75 Lakhin Wasantasit – Boxing & Muay Thai Organized Destruction (76 min)

  • in discussing the brutality of a fight culture I talk about the hardness of the men of the Golden Age, and in particular Lakhin, a Golden Age fighter in the Muay Thai Library. You can watch the session through this link, in which he talks about training to “hurt” someone, trying to get them to quit.

Toughness of the Golden Age Kaensak vs Taweesaklek

  • another example of the toughness of the Golden Age of Muay Thai mentioned is this fight between Kaensak and Taweesaklek, just watch and you’ll see.

The #Langsuan1000 30 Day Challenge – 1,000 Knees and 1,000 Teeps

  • in the podcast the notion of Buddhistic “mind” (samadhi) finds an example in the high repetition training of Golden Age Muay Khao fighting. The Langusuan 1000 is part of this:

#5 Hippy Singmanee – Developing Power (69 min)

  • in this session Hippy teaches pure power, also a version of Mind as intention.

1788 Account – The First Recorded Fight between a Thai and a European

  • this account suggests that the Thai backwards fighting style goes back 100s of years, as does the incomprehension of it by Europeans
found in the essay “Modern Muai Thai Mythology” by Peter T. Vail

The Art and Psychology of the 5th Round in Thailand

  • in the section of the podcast where backwards fighting is discussed, my article on the art of the 5th round is mentioned. It helps give perspective to the unique way Thais score fights.  

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