Muay Thai Bones Podcast #5 – Fear, Sleep and How Muay Thai is Like Rap

Our latest podcast, sleep, fear, rap and Muay Thai....

This is the latest episode of the Muay Thai Bones podcast, which is a filmed podcast shared on YouTube covering conversations Kevin and I usually have during our long drives across Thailand after traveling to fights. We always cover a diverse array of topics, showing how Muay Thai can be seen as a part of so many aspects of life. The podcast is only available through YouTube right now, so be sure to subscribe to my channel to make sure you don’t miss an episode! You can also find all the 8limbsus blog posts on each episode here.

episode 5 – Muay Thai Bones podcast, above

Material Cited in the Podcast

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episode 5 – Topics

  1. Why Muay Thai is Like Rap (seriously)
  2. The Rise of Privates Sessions in Thailand
  3. New Training Priority: Sleep
  4. What Makes Sawsing Special
  5. The Thymotic Self: Intention
  6. “Tyson in the Catskills”
  7. Karuhat’s Flex

Material cited in the podcast, or that is closely related:

Kevin’s essay on Thymos and Rage:
An Achillean Economy: The Economy of Thymotics and Anger, Sloterdijk

A good popular website article on Thymos: The Art of Manliness: Got Thymos?

Karuhat’s Fight vs Matee:

8 Limbs Us article on Karuhat vs Matee:
Namkabuan vs Matee and Models of Muay Thai Masculinity

Article on Rap and complexity: Rappers, sorted by size of vocabulary

Kevin’s photographs of Sawsing in Bangkok:

The book Sylvie is reading on Fear: The Art of Fear: Why Conquering Fear Won’t Work and What to Do Instead

The Inner Game of Tennis

The Inner Game of Tennis Reading group

Kru Ten – The Muay Thai Library Session

Bringing Dieselnoi into My Gym

What it is like having Dieselnoi in the Gym (interview with Kru Nu):

Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams (book)

The Birth of Sandman Scene – Spiderman 3:

Join and Study the Muay Thai Library documentary project

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