This is the introduction of a new series: female fighter and writer Sylvie Von Duuglas-Ittu. For those who don’t know Sylvie, she is the Muay Thai foreigner, male or female, with the most fights in Thailand under her belt. She also won Awakening’s “Female Journalist of the Year” award.

Sylvie fully immersed her self into Muay Thai and left her life in America to live her dream in Thailand. Recently, she sent out a crowdfunding campaign to help support her journey and journalism. Having been a fan of her journey and journalism for a few years, we reached out to her.

We’re proud to announce that Nak Muay Nation is an official sponsor of her endeavors. Since the beginning, I’ve always said that Nak Muay Nation is not just about me or Sean, but rather to create a true community hub that empowers as many people involved as possible.

How better to embody the spirit of this, than to assist Sylvie pursue her unrivalled passion in Muay Thai? I admire her spirit and effort greatly and I think everyone can learn from her and be inspired.

The result for Nak Muay Nation? We will now have Sylvie provide exclusive content training with some of the most legendary fighters and coaches in the heart and source of Muay Thai–Thailand.

Without further ado, let’s get to it: first feature, legendary Kru Dam of Sitmonchai, who is well known for coaching fighters such as Pornsaneh Sitmonchai and Kevin Ross.