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Below is over 17 hours of high level training video – more than 4 hrs of it public –  with some of the best trainers in Thailand – sixteen...

Below is over 17 hours of high level training video – more than 4 hrs of it public –  with some of the best trainers in Thailand – sixteen different trainers.

You want to learn knees from legendary Dieselnoi, jab counters and evasion from Rambaa M-16, kick counters from Burklerk (highest win% in Thailand history), clinch entry from Fighter of the Year Yodwicha, a wicked upper cut from “Street Fighter” Sagat, sneak elbows from “The Elbow Hunter” Yodkhunpon, explosive kicks from Hippy Singmanee – this is the place.

If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I’ve been documenting instruction from some of the greatest fighters and trainers of Thailand. Some of this has been full length video for Nak Muay Nation members, some of it has been for readers of my blog, and recently I’ve started developing a Muay Thai Library for Patreon supporters. There is so much footage, and so many great names, I thought I should put it altogether in one place, if only for convenience and browsing. So below I’m posting any publicly available video along with links to any posts that can be read (posts often with gifs of techniques), and links to the deeper, full length video as well, which you can view through either membership to NMN or to my Patreon page.

Where to find the full length videos: Nak Muay Nation is $39 a month subscription site filled with training techniques and videos, including my own. And my Patreon Library is available for a suggested $5 a month pledge, and it is composed of a growing collection of uncut training videos with top trainers and fighters, with analysis. There are also full length videos to be found below.

These are not a demo’d tricks or techniques. These are videos to be watched multiple times, at length.


Sagat Petchyindee “Street Fighter” (3x Lumpinee, 3x Rajadamnern Champion) – 14 minutes

Breakdown blog post: Street Fighter Sagat Petchyindee Private – Uppercuts | Power From the Center

Full length video: NMN: Sagat Petchyindee – 1 hour, 27 minutes


Rambaa Somdet M16 (1st Thai MMA World Champion) – 14 minutes

Breakdown blog post: Private With Rambaa Somdet M16 – Clinch and Inside Low-Kick

Full length video: NMN: Rambaa Somdet M16 – 1 hour, 14 minutes


Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn (Undefeated Lumpinee Light Weight Champion) part 1 – 13 minutes

Breakdown blog post: Dieselnoi Instruction – Muay Thai Knee Greatness

Full length video: NMN: Dieselnoi The Greatest Knee Fighter – 49 minutes


Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn (Undefeated Lumpinee Light Weight Champion) part 2 – 10 minutes

Breakdown blog post: Ten Minutes with Dieselnoi – Strategy, Knees, Stance, Turns and Double Plum

Full length video: Patreon Muay Thai Library: Dieselnoi: Ring Strategy and Training Ethic- 54 minutes



Arjan Surat (Coach of Thai National Team) – Dejrat Gym – 60 minutes

Breakdown blog post: Arjan Surat of Dejrat Gym – 1 Hour Private | Coach of the Thai National Team

Full length video: the entire 60 minutes is above


Yodkhunpon Sittripum (Lumpinee & Rajadamnern Champion) – 9 minutes

Breakdown blog post: Subtle Elbow Techniques – One Hour With the Elbow Hunter Yodkhunpon

Full length video: NMN Sylvie’s Private with Yodkhunpon “The Elbow Hunter”- 60 minutes


Yodkhunpon Sittripum (Lumpinee & Rajadamnern Champion) – 6 minutes

Breakdown blog post: Muay Thai Knee | Don’t Lean Back – Yodkhunpon

Full length video: Patreon Muay Thai Library Yodkhunpon “The Elbow Hunter” | Slicing Elbow – 37 minutes


Karuhat Sor. Supawan (3x Lumpinee Champion) – 12 minutes

Breakdown blog post: Private Session with Karuhat Sor Supawan – Spacing and Timing

Full length video: NMN Karuhat Sor. Supawan Private with Sylvie’s Commentary – 77 minutes


Karuhat Sor. Supawan (3x Lumpinee Champion) – 7 minutes

Breakdown blog post: Private Session with Karuhat Sor Supawan – Be Like Sand

Full length video: Patreon Video Library NMN Karuhat Sor. Supawan Private with Sylvie’s Commentary – 59 minutes


Pi Earn Petchrungruang – Head Trainer of Thai Fight’s PTT – 7 minutes

Breakdown blog post: Forward Fighting of Pi Earn – A Preview of Exclusive Patreon Content

Full length video: Patreon Muay Thai Library Pi Earn – Forward Fighting Knee Style – 34 minutes



Chatchai Sasakul (WBC World Boxing Champion) – 11 minutes

Breakdown blog post: Private with Chatchai Sasakul – Perfecting the Jab, Cross, Hook and Uppercut

Full length video: NMN – Sylvie’s Private With Boxing World Champ Chatchai Sasakul – 54 minutes


Sifu McInnes (Top Trainer of many champions) – 12 minutes

Breakdown blog post: Bare Fist Training and Fight Balance – Robert “Sifu” McInnes WKO

Full length video: NMN Sifu McInnes Private With Sylvie’s Commentary – 77 minutes


Burklerk Pinsinchai (2x Lumpinee Champion, 2x Thailand Champion) – 11 minutes

Breakdown blog post: A Private Session with Burklerk Pinsinchai – The Control of Space

Full length video: NMN Arjan Burklerk with Sylvie – 55 minutes


Hippy Singmanee (2x Lumpinee Champion) – 6 minutes

Breakdown blog post: Training With Hippy Singmanee – With Relaxation Comes Power

Full length video: Patreon Video Library Hippy Singmanee – Developing Power – 69 minutes


Joe Hongthong (top stadium fighter) – 20 minutes

Breakdown blog post: Joe Hongthong Muay Thai Gym – Muay Khao Style [20 min – Video]

Full length video: Patreon Video Library Developing the Muay Khao Style | 87 Minutes – Joe Hongthong – Chiang Mai – 87 minutes


Yodwicha Khem Muaythai Gym (Fighter of the Year, Lumpinee & Omnoi Champion, 2x Thailand Champion) –  5 minutes

Breakdown blog post: Yodwicha Clinch Techniques – Lock Escape, Turn and Knee

Full length video: Patreon Video Library The Clinch Techniques of Yodwicha – 35 Minutes


Kru Dam Sitmonchai (Elite Trainer of Pornsanae) – 10 minutes

Breakdown blog post: Working With Kru Dam of Sitmonchai Gym – Low Kick Master, the Whisper Switch Step

Full length video: NMN Legendary Kru Dam of Sitmonchai Private with Sylvie in Full (#1) – 76 minutes


Pi Daeng Lanna Muay Thai – 17 minutes + 10 minutes

Breakdown blog post part 1: Padwork with Daeng at Lanna – Dracula Guard (Long Guard Variation)

Breakdown blog post part 2: The Muay Thai Dracula Guard with Daeng | Part 2 – Building On Practice

Full Length video: full length is above

The Muay Thai Library

suggested pledge $5

Join and study this uncut Muay Thai training video library.

When you become a supporter of my writing on this site, you not only help make my 4 blog articles a week sustainable, the Roundtable Muay Thai Forum , podcasts,  and support my landmark goal to fight 200 times in Thailand, you are subscribing to an effort to document some of the best trainers in Thailand, and will have access to the best of those results as they are published.

Already I have filmed private sessions with some of the greatest fight names in Thailand for Nak Muay Nation members, legends like Sagat, Dieselnoi, Yodkhunpon, Rambaa, Namkabuan, Karuhat and Berklurk. I’ve now brought that same approach to my Patreon supporters: long form, uncut training videos with commentary, documenting the in-depth technique and ring strategy that is often missing in shorter, technique demos. You get to watch training unfold, largely unedited, as if you yourself are taking the private, thinking along with me as I try to learn each technique and philosophical approach. As a Muay Khao fighter these videos will have some emphasis on clinch and knee attacks, simply because there is very little out there on this and it is my personal focus; but they will not be exclusively so. This is an effort of documentation of all approaches I can find.

By pledging a suggested $5 a month (a minimum pledge of $1) you get immediate access to this full Library of training techniques, and will benefit from new long form videos published from Thailand added more than once a month.


The Growing Technique Library – immediate access, suggested pledge $5

Yodkhunpon “The Elbow Hunter” pt 1  – Slicing Elbow (37 min) watch it here

Simultaneous Raja and Luminee title holder at 118 lbs, Yodkhunpon was one of the most feared elbow fighters in Thailand, and in this session he teaches the looseness and spacing that made his lead elbow such a viscious weapon. He also shuns the traditional rocking chair knee, and instead teaches a powerful stand-in crossing, open-hipped knee that compliments his elbows up top.

Karuhat Sor. Supawan – Be Like Sand (62 min) watch it here

2x Golden Age Lumpinee Champion (112 lb and 122 lbs), Karuhat is considered elite among the elites. Mixing an explosive style with constant off-balances, angling, and melting aways, he was nicknamed the Ultimate Wizard. I can only describe the things he’s teaching here as: Be like sand. This is very subtle, advanced stuff, far above combo techniques or specific defenses. It may take a few viewings to absorb what he is teaching. Everytime I watch this I learn something new.

Namkabuan Nongkipahuyut – Explosive Attack (28 min) watch it here

266 wins, 15 losses, 2 draws.  Namkabuan may be the best fighter I’ve ever seen, and it was an intense privledge to train with him. I can honestly say that it changed me as a fighter, inspiring to become more. He combines Muay Khao fighting with technical precision and explosive energy. The knee he teaches in this session is really like no other I’ve seen, like it is shot out of a cannon.


Hippy Singmanee – Developing power (69 min) watch it here

Two-time Golden Age legend Hippy Singmanee takes me though one of the most unique and valuable hours I’ve spent with a top trainer. He is building ground up how power and relaxation are related to each other. This session has been highly influential upon my own training. Learn how spacing+timing+relaxation produces explosive power.

Yodwicha – Clinch and Muay Khao (Knee) Specialist (35 min) – watch it here

Yodwich shared the Fighter of the Year award as only a 16 year old, and his success in the Lumpinee ring made him one of the most feared clinch fighters in Thailand. In this session he goes through his favorite Muay Khao techniques, shows why he prefers side-attack locks, and turns.

Dieselnoi pt 2 – The King of Knees (54 min) watch it here

Dieselnoi is the greatest knee fighter who ever lived, and it just wasn’t because of his height. Spending this hour with him lets you feel how much love and energy he pours into his Muay Thai, even at this age, the real secret to what make him dominant in the Golden Age of the sport. There is nobody like Dieselnoi. Nobody.

Joe Hongthong – Developing Muay Khao Style (87 min)watch it here

This is nearly an hour and a half of straight on Muay Khao instruction. Joe was a top stadium fighter and he’s watched me fight for several years, so this is Advanced Level tweaking, as he teaches how to bring elbows and knees together, discussing the ways that dragging back can work for a forward fighter, and the differences with more technical (femur) approaches. Muay Khao is a technique unto itself.

Pi Earn – Head Trainer of PTT Petchrungruang (34 min) watch it here

PTT is the rising star of my gym Petchrungruang. He was so sought after he turned down title fights at Lumpinee and Rajadamnern and instead signed with Thai Fight where promoters feel he’s going to become an International star. Pi Earn has been the trainer who has sculpted PTT’s methodical Muay Khao fighting style, and in this session he starts right away making the tiny changes in my technique that are necessary for the strong, forward fighting approach that he favors.

suggested pledge $5

Coming Material:

Already filmed – Legendary Karuhat Sor. Supawan pt 2 (1 hr 10 min), Pi Daeng and the Dracula Guard pt 3 (20 min), Yodkhunpon – The Elbow Hunder pt 2 (1 hr 20 min), Namkabuan Nongkipahuyut (30 min), Burklerk Pinsinchi pt 2 (30 min).



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