2ITK Podcast e05 – Sylvie and Emma – On Training Aggression

The video above is the full podcast on YouTube Emma is from England, living and working in Bangkok for the past 5+ years; she’s a teacher, blogger at Under...

The video above is the full podcast on YouTube

Emma is from England, living and working in Bangkok for the past 5+ years; she’s a teacher, blogger at Under the Ropes, and a fighter who is currently looking for a new home gym.

Sylvie (me) is from the US, living and training in Pattaya for the past 2 years (in Chiang Mai for 2 years prior to that); I’m a fighter, blogger and content creator at 8limbs.us, as well as a content creator for the Private Session for Nak Muay Nation.

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The Catch Up

We start out by catching up a bit, Emma’s been on her annual vacation, which she decided to spend in Thailand this year rather than going home (as she usually does). She dropped down to Pattaya to train with me one of those days (and watch her partner Tu have a fantastic fight at Max) and then they headed off to Koh Chang for some island bungalow relaxation. I’m working on a guard that I learned from a former trainer of mine when I visited Lanna last month for a fight, survived a car accident without more than a tiny scratch, and am heading back up to the north for a slew of fights just as Emma is heading back to work.

Thanonchanok vs Sylvie

Thanonchanok looking picture perfect against me

I’ve recently updated my personal ranking of female fighters 48 kg and under, so we talk a bit about that and why it’s hard to rank female fighters, including by those institutions who sanction the titles that are intended to honor such rankings.  You can hear more about that on the podcast, but two of the fighters on my list are discussed as fighter who Emma and I really like following and, in my case, I kind of fan-girl out about Thanonchanok R.R. Gilalampang (above), even though I aim to fight her again, and Emma has been excited by Marcela Soto’s frequent fighting. As both those fighters are on the list and you can hear more about what we’re keen on in the podcast.

Marcela Soto - Costa Rica - Muay Thai

Marcela Soto of Sutai Muay Thai in Phuket

Our Theme This Month: Training Aggression

The theme of this podcast is Aggression, as it’s been a discussed topic recently since our last podcast. Emma and I are moderators on the Muay Thai Roundtable Forum and the issue of struggling with aggression in training (mostly sparring) and fighting has come up a lot. Both Emma and I have struggled with this personally and we go into what it is that makes aggression important, difficult, and how you can actually go about training it as a skill.

You can read my post on Training Aggression here

And we wrap up by talking about what we’ve been reading/watching/or listening to that’s not Muay Thai related. I’m officially an old person and don’t listen to music anymore, except what has become the “golden oldies” of my generation and even older than that, so mostly I listen to podcasts when I’m running every morning. Recently I’ve been obsessing over “My Favorite Murder” podcast (recommended by one of our own podcast listeners, thank you!), as well as having really enjoyed two audiobooks by the same author, Jesse Bering: “Perv: the Sexual Deviant in All of US” and “Why is the Penis Shaped Like That?”, which is actually about more than just the penis; it’s a collection of evolutionary biology musings, some of which are bit dubious but interesting nonetheless. Kevin and I are about to finish the final season of “Penny Dreadful,” which is a bummer because I really like the show. Emma’s partner digs it, but Emma’s not a fan, rather she’s been enjoying a British series called “Black Mirror,” each episode with a different story and cast. Incidentally, there are some cross-over actors between “Penny Dreadful” and “Black Mirror,” which is either exciting or irksome when you watch both. Depends on the actor and the character, I reckon.

And until next time, that’s that. Enjoy and chok dee!

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