Ranked: Best Female Muay Thai Fighters in the World 48 kg and Under – June 2016

While time consuming, I think this is a worthwhile undertaking. About 6 months ago I posted my personal ranking of the top 48 kg or under pro female Muay...

While time consuming, I think this is a worthwhile undertaking. About 6 months ago I posted my personal ranking of the top 48 kg or under pro female Muay Thai fighters in the world. As female fighters we just need rankings and a lay-of-the-land perspective, and as there currently is no governing body to accurately do this in an up-to-date manner, it just feels like something I have to do. As a female fighter here in Thailand for 4 years now, and in the lower weight classes, I know that I am pretty close to the pulse of what is happening here, where I believe most of the best pro female fighters reside. Emma and I host a podcast, Two Ladies in the Kingdom that each month tries to catch people up on the latest Thai female fight happenings, and I try as best as I can to follow western and Japanese fighters in the lower weights (there are not many).

In this vein, I’ve updated my list since posting 6 months ago, shifting rankings based on important wins and losses, and also adding significant fighters I missed in my first ranking. I’ve also removed fighters from the list who have proven inactive, or who no longer can reach 48 kg. Whatever the case to be made about a particular fighter, the real purpose of the list is to provide exposure to lots of wonderful female fighters that almost never get attention outside of Thai language publications, and to present all their faces together. Without further ado, here is the updated ranking. The fighter’s rank in the previous list is in parentheses:

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Pound for Pound Best Pro Female Muay Thai Fighters under 48 kg

Namenotesweight range / age
1. (1)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Loma Lookboonmee
Loma Lookboonmee
(Kanda Por. Muangphet)
Loma is the best proven female fighter at 48 and below. In 2015 she won Gold in the Thailand Games, as well as the IFMA's (45 kg). Then only Silver in the 2016 IFMA's last month due to an unclear rule set/scoring. She's the best female counter-clinch fighter in the world with a very high level ring IQ.45-49 kg
20 yrs

2. (2)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Lommanee Chalaam Noi
Lommanee Chalamnoi Sit Chayanee
(Sit Taran)
Lommanee in 2015 won Gold at the Thailand games (51kg), Gold at IFMA's (48 kg), then Silver at the IFMAs in 2016 (unclear rule set). Extremely experienced with great timing, and a deadly sniping front elbow.48-52 kg
25 yrs

3. (4)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Blaatutong
Thanonchanok R. R. Gilalampang
Thananchanok had big wins in the last 6 months, taking and then defending her WPMF 51 kg title against the larger & very skilled western (CAN) fighter Cocopuff. In the defense she was spectacular, showing late round aggression I've never seen before from her. High level fight management, poster-perfect form, and high fight IQ.48-52 kg
19 yrs

4. (3)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Phetjee Jaa
PhetJee Jaa O. Meekhun
Jee Jaa is in my opinion the p4p best female fighter in the world, but she's still somewhat untested for lack of opponents, fighting heart is something she has yet to show. She already beat 4 fighters on this list, including one of the better femur fighters in Thailand, Faa Chiangrai. I expect her to move up this list as she grows and starts fighting these top women.38-40 kg
fights up to 46 kg
14 yrs

5. (11)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu
Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu
I'm a small, clinch-specialist fighter, who uses clinch advantage to beat many larger opponents, some of them thought to be "better" than I am. I fight frequently, often larger than my weight class (avg: 50+ kg, I walk at 48). In the last few years I'm 20-6 against the fighters ranked below me here. Won the Northern Thailand Muay Siam 105 lb belt in March.45-48 kg
fights up to 54
32 yrs

6. (15)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Thaksaporn Inthachai
Dtakaten Mor. Grungthep-Thonburi
(Thaksaporn Intachai)
The Grasshopper. In 2015 she won the 51 kg Silver in the Thailand Games (2nd to Lommanee). I fought and beat her a year ago, a big surprise to her and her gym. A very tough, aggressive fighter who takes on larger westerners. She gave up weight and defeated Hongkaw in a big Songkran fight in April.48-52 kg
21 yrs

7. (--)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Amy Pirnie
Amy Pirnie
Amy Pirnie is a very sharp styled, experienced Scottish fighter on the rise; she's fighting Dakota Ditcheva a little up in weight (from this 48 kg category) in a huge fight this Fall. It's hard to judge Amy because she does not fight the fighters on this list (other than 1 questioned decision vs Silvia LaNotte), but she has a very crisp style which I think would fair very well against others in this list.48-52 kg
23 yrs

8. (--)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Gaengaew Gor. Glomgliao
Gaengaew Gor. Glomgliao
I've nicknamed her The Gorgon (a mispelling on a program). She fought world champ Saya Ito to a draw in April this year, and when I fought her she gained a tremendous amount of respect from me. Very physically strong in the clinch. Only 15, she will get stronger.47-52 kg
15 yrs

9. (12)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Jomkwan
Jomkwan Sit. Tongsak
Jomkwan is a tough clinch fighter in Khorat, last year she flew to Japan and beat the 50 kg WMC champion Rika, who then retired. I'm 1-1 against Jomkwan, who has a few kilos on me. She lost to Ticha, giving up a little weight, but beat me in our second fight.48-51 kg
18 yrs

10. (6)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Saya Ito
Saya Ito
Saya Ito had a huge win defending her WPMF world title against Little Tiger, who she took it from in 2015. It's very hard to judge Japanese fighters, as they don't fight often. She fought Gaengaew only to a draw in Bangkok this year, a fighter I then beat decisively. I also beat Saya in our one meeting. She's slightly ahead of Faa Chiangrai here, out of respect for the title and its defense. That would be a close fight, I believe.45-47 kg
17 yrs

11. (7)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Faa Chiangrai
Faa Chiangrai S. Sakonthom
Faa Chiangrai had a difficult run in 2016 so far. She lost 4 times in a row to me (my style is just a difficult matchup), until finally pulling out a victory. She then followed up with a win at an ongoing tournament in the north. A strong femur fighter who I believe suffered an unjust defeat by Little Tiger in 2014. I place her above Gaewdaa because she's fighting much more frequently now.44-47 kg
20 yrs

12. (14)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Gaewdaa Por. Muangphet
Gawdaa Por. Muangphet
Gaewdaa beat former world champion Yodying last year, albeit with a weight advantage. She's a very defensive, deflecting fighter from the famed Por. Muangphet gym. Gaewdaa has fought much less frequently lately though. I'm 3-2 against her. She has beaten Faa Chiangrai. A very solid fighter who moved up a little because other fighters fell.45-48
16 yrs

13. (19)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Baifern Bor. Puiboonput
Baifern Bor Puiboonput
Baifern is a resilient straight-knee fighter with lots of experience. I lost a questionable decision against her last year, and then beat her this month in a redemption fight. One of the top 50 kg fighters in the North. She often fights over her weight. She's moved up on the list mostly because other fighters have moved down.48-52 kg
20 yrs

14. (17)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Peungsiam
Peungsiam Konmaibawee
Peungsiam was on the rise last year. She legitimately beat Little Tiger, who probably had some size on her, just before Little Tiger lost her 100 lb belt to Saya Ito. She had a very controversial win over Phetjee Jaa (who weighed in smaller), and then she beat Faa Chiangrai in another questionable decision. A rematch against Phetjee Jaa was expected, but it seems she instead has not been fighting much. 44-46 kg
~15-17 yrs (some debate)

15. (22)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Phetee Kaewsamrit
Phetae O. Wanchurd
Phetae is a fighter I just had not heard of before her fight against Phetjee Jaa on the Queen's Birthday (2015). She was extremely skilled in that fight, but lost (with a significant weight advantage). She's unusual in that she is 18 years old and yet still small bodied, walking around at less than 100 lbs. She probably does not have many opponents at her actual size, but she is #2 ranked for the WPMF 100 lbs title.43-46 kg
18 yrs

16. (23)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Buakaw Lookboonmee
Marcela Soto
(Sutai Muay Thai Gym)
I've only seen Marcela fight a couple times. She's a western fighter (Costa Rica) who has fought over 60 times in Thailand and fights very frequently. Rated up the list because of how often she fights and on a winning streak at local stadia in Phuket. She fights out of her own gym, Sutai Muay Thai.48-52 kg
30 yrs

Costa Rica
17. (--)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Phetlilaa Phetonpung
Phetlilaa Pettonpung
She's a young muay khao fighter on the come-up. She fights a lot, beat larger, established girls like Hong Yoklek, Has reportedly over 40 wins and only 2 losses. I've clinched with her a little in the practice ring, very physically strong. Focused, disciplined.48-52 kg
13 yrs

18. (18)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Little Tiger
Ayaka Miyauchi
"Little Tiger"
Little Tiger held on to the WPMF 100 lb belt for 2 years. There was a sense that she was not defending her belt against top Thai opponents. Her loss to Peungsiam, a young, unranked Thai fighter at the time, and then to Saya Ito produced questions. After her loss to Saya in an attempt to win back her title, I heard that she then fought a K1 fight which she also lost.45-46 kg
33 yrs

19. (13)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Silvia La Notte
Silvia La Notte
Silvia La Notte is a difficult fighter to rank in a Muay Thai list, despite a great number of kickboxing accomplishments. She has only fought in Thailand once and only a few of her fights are full Muay Thai rules. A very skilled kickboxer with extensive experience.47-50 kg
33 yrs

20. (--)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Chompu Sor. Penprapa
Chompu Sor. Penprapa
One of the top sub-48 kg fighters in the Mahasarakham region, a knee fighter who is aiming to make the National Team.47-49 kg
18 yrs

21. (19)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Phetee Kaewsamrit
Nong Benz Sit. Dobwod
(Faasiam Chor. Leksiam)
Nong Benz has long been praised for her skill, and she's one of the hardest kickers I've faced. She's a top 50 kg fighter in the North, and fought Faa Chiangrai for the Northern Muay Siam belt last year, so could be considered the 3rd best 105 lb fighter in the North.47-52 kg
fights up to 58
17 yrs

22. (26)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Duandaonoi
Duangdaonoi Lukklongtang
In 2015 Duangdaonoi only possessed the 105 lb WPMF belt for about a month before she lost it to Haru in Japan, a fight she looked overwhelmed in. I fought her this year and won decisively. She was supposed to face Saya Ito in Japan in a non-title fight, but Saya had to pull out due to injury. She won a WMF title in March of this year.45-47 kg
17 yrs

23. (27)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Rungnapa Por. Muangphet
Rungnapa Por. Muangphet
A fighter in the Por. Muangpet stable (they have 3 in this ranking). A strong straight knee fighter who I've faced (3-1) several times. Rungnapa seems to have tailed off and not been fighting much in the last 6 months.44-48 kg
~16 yrs

24. (--)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Nong Bow
Phetwapee Chor. Decha
(Nong Bow)
Also named Nong Bow she's had 80+ fights, is a WMC ranked fighter at 49 kg, and was once a 45 kg champion. 48-51 kg
18 yrs
25. (20)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Buakaw Lookboonmee
Buakaw Lookboonmee
(Nong Ai)
Buakaw is an Isaan fighter who was rumored to be one of the best at her weight. She lost dramatically to Phetjee Jaa in 2015 (who gave up 6+ kg), casting some doubt. She's ranked base on the promise of her potential. I have seen some video of her looking fantastic, and then some looking not so great. She lost a high profile event 2016 Songkran fight vs Saosukhothai after beating her previously in Feb.45-47 kg
~15 yrs

26. (--)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Fah Yokkao
Fah Yokkao
(Nong Fah Rungruang Gym)
Fah is something of a mystery fighter. Yokkao is promoting her as undefeated in 40+ bouts, a fighter who has been 3x the Fighter of the Year. But honestly I can't find anyone of reputation that she's fought, or any substantial record of her past other than what Yokkao claims. A few girls I contacted have said that they've trained with her in the past. She's set to have a huge fight against Phetjee Jaa next month. Looking good there will shoot her up this list.45-48 kg
17 yrs

27. (8)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Haru Tajima
Haru Tajima
Overwhelmed Duangdaonoi for the 105 lb WPMF belt last year, with some weight advantage. She does not seem to have fought since (over a year). On this list if you don't fight often you will tend to drop.47.7 kg
32 yrs

28. (16)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Yodying
Yodying Sit Namkabuan
Yodying is a light-bodied, former world champion who both drew and beat Little Tiger. This year she fought for but lost in a ~100 lbs Muay Siam Central Thailand title match. She's low on this list because she very rarely fights Muay Thai anymore.44-46 kg
25 yrs

29. (28)
Muay Thai Profile photo - Sao Khon Kaen
Sao Khon Kaen
Sao Khon Kaen had an incredibly strong fight against Gaewdaa, where she exhibited great range of skill and technique, strength in the clinch and ring IQ. Ultimately, Gaewdaa demonstrated her own ability to turn fights around and won decisively in round 4, but I was impressed by Sao Khon Kaen (and Gaewdaa, really). She has also fought recently on a new, televised Onesongchai promotion airing on PPTV.47-50 kg
16 yrs



notes on changes: Despite losses in the finals of the IFMAs in Sweden, Loma and Lommanee top the list still for me. The truth is that I have substantive suspicions that Thai fighters just do not understand IFMA scoring and rule-set; for instance, when I asked Loma whether she thought that throws from the clinch score in the IFMA (something she excels in and is a cornerstone of her strategy)  she told me that she just doesn’t know. As these are amateur fights with an International model of scoring, I think it’s fair to put aside these results in a Pro list. I swapped Thanonchanok over Phetjee Jaa in the list because Thanonchanok had some big wins, and PJJ took a loss in Japan against an opponent that was just too big (no video, but giving up several kilos), and is yet to face top talent in Thailand – she has a big fight coming up against newly ranked Fah Yokkao I hear, and there is rumor that she will face the top fighter on the list, Loma, later this year. The fight against Loma is one that everyone has been waiting for as it will be a powerful test.

I also climbed up the list, which isn’t easily considered. You have to imagine that it is very difficult to rate yourself, but by virtue of beating the highly ranked Faa Chiangrai 4 times in a row this year (4-1), and taking the Northern Muay Siam 105 lb title, I should be rising in any objective ranking. I also beat Gaengaew shortly after she fought Saya Ito to a draw in April. With a recent 20-6 record against the fighters beneath me on this list I’m probably close to where I should be. Notable as well is that I reduced the position of the Japanese WPMF title holders, who I originally gave greater weight to due to their titles. In Saya Ito’s case her draw to a somewhat unknown Gaengaew (and 2014 loss to me) balances against a very fine defense of her title vs. Little Tiger early in the year. The difficulty with Japanese fighters is that they just don’t fight very often, nor do they defend their titles frequently. Saya Ito had wanted to fight, I believe, 10 or 12 times in 2016, but to my knowledge has only fought twice (?) so far, with half the year gone. I’ve heard she is recently injured. The Japanese champion Haru does not seem to have fought at all since she won her 105 lb WPMF title over a year ago. I also removed the de jure 108 lb WPMF champion Kwankhao (Thai), though a very nice fighter, as her gym told me that she is no longer training, and I’m not sure if she has fought in the last 12 months at all.

There have been 6 new faces added to the rankings. These two below are perhaps the most prominent.

Two New to the Rankings

A big addition is that of Amy Pirnie, a 23 year old Scottish fighter who I completely missed the first time. The truth is that I don’t have as much awareness of western fighters, but I was duly impressed by her in her fight vs Fanny Ramos (who I don’t know). I ranked Amy high in my list mostly through a method of imagination: how would she fair against fighters I’ve faced and been following, if weight were not an issue? I think she would do very well in Thailand. I’m not completely sure that she can fight at 48 kg (her Yokkao fight was listed at 48 kg, but Yokkao can play fast and loose with official weights). She is fighting Dakota Ditcheva this Fall in a huge fight at 50.5 kg. I would love to have Dakota on this list, but her mother Lisa says that she will now only fight at 50 kg and above. I remember Amy from her 2011 disputable disqualification loss to Silvia LaNotte (video at bottom), but had not followed her career since, until now.


Another big addition, even though I rank her lower due to a lack of information, is Fah Yokkao. She’s the 17 year old daughter of Saenchai’s longtime trainer Manop, and they (Yokkao) say that she’s undefeated in over 40 fights. Not only that, they say that she is a 3 time female Fighter of the Year. The problem is that I can’t find any notable name of someone who has fought her – I checked with other Thai female fighters, and with the head writer who covers female fighting for Muay Siam. And while several top females say that they once trained with her a long time ago, it’s a mystery who she has fought and what her record is (usually female Thai fighters have posted records with Muay Siam). Additionally, nobody seems to have heard of this “Female Fighter of the Year” award she is said to have won 3 times now. This isn’t to say that it does not exist, but only that if indeed she has won this award it is fairly obscure. Here in this video below she is winning this award last month for the 3rd time in a fight against an unnamed opponent:

Muay Siam and other Thai language coverage of female fighting that I read do not write about her, at least as far as I have noticed, which is not to say that she isn’t possibly a wonderful fighter. It’s only that her accomplishments appear relatively unknown among those with their ears to the ground, while being billed as a superstar by her gym and the reputation of her father. Thailand can be like that, with knowledge inconsistently spread. All this though will come to a proven point, as I hear that she is scheduled to fight Phetjee Jaa (14) in July, probably with a few kilos advantage, in a 3 round televised fight. Phetjee Jaa is, I believe, the pound for pound best female fighter in the world, albeit unproven in some ways. If Fah looks good against Jee Jaa she’ll definitely shoot up the list.

These are my criteria in ranking, in no particular order:

A standing World title, standing Thai titles, fight frequency, wins against larger opponents, wins against other ranked fighters. reputation in the fight scene, fight style dominance, length of career accomplishments.

In disclosure, these are the ranked fighters I’ve beaten at least once, a combined 20-6 in the last few years: Faa Chiangrai, Phetwapee Chor. Decha, Saya Ito, Jomkwan Sit Tonsak, Gaewdaa Por. Muangphet, Taksaporn Inthachai, Duangdaonoi Lukklongtang, Gaengaew Gor. Glomgliao, Baifirn Bor. Puiboonput, Nong Benz Sit Dobwod, Chompu Sor. Penprapa, Rungnapa Por. Muangphet, Sao Khon Kaen. And these are the ranked fighters I’ve fought and not yet beaten:  Loma Lookboonmee, Lommanee Chalamnoi Sit Chayanee, Thanonchanok R. R. Gilalampang. My complete fight record can be seen here.

Fighters Formerly Ranked

Below are fighters who were once on the list and the reason why they are no longer.

Namenotesweight range / age
Muay Thai Profile photo - Cherry Gor. Twin Gym
Cherry Gor. Twin Gym
I and others have tried to match Cherry even at 50 kg, but the once prominent fighter from Lampang seems not to be able to reach the same weights any longer. She also does not seem to be fighting much.51-54 kg
20 yrs

Muay Thai Profile photo - Kwankhao Lukklontang
Kwankhao Lukklongtan
Kwankhao holds the 108 lb WPMF belt which she won in March of 2015, but from what I've heard is no longer training/fighting. 48-52 kg
20 yrs

Muay Thai Profile photo - Blaatutong
Dokfai Lukwangchompu
She is the 2015 108 lb Northern Muay Siam Champion, but I have not seen any sign of activity from her since winning the title. Very unclear if she is still fighting, or if she could make 48 kg.49 kg
17 yrs

Muay Thai Profile photo - Muangsinjiew
Muangsingjiew O. Wanchurd
Muangsingjiew is the 4th ranked challenger for the WPMF 100 lb belt, but she can't make that weight any longer. In fact I don't think she can get below 50 kg. now.47-52 kg
17 yrs

Muay Thai Profile photo - Hongkaw
Hongkaw Sor. Sayan
Hongkaw has been a name in Isaan for some time, but I don't believe that she can reach 48 kg any longer.48-52 kg
19 yr


You can see the WPMF rankings, which I’ve been following for a few years now here, though they are infrequently updated (at the time of writing: September 2015) and contain out of date information (some fighters retired, some in the wrong weight classes):

WPMF pinweight

WPMF mini flyweight

WPMF light flyweight

The WMC as far as I can find does not post female fighter rankings online, but I have seen a recent list of new rankings in email, and they seem to have problems similar to those of the WPMF (especially fighters not properly grouped in the correct weight classes). I should also point out something that is perhaps obvious. Trying to rank female fighters in Thailand, and the world, as an organization, without the aid of having those fighters fighting regularly in your own sanctioned events, is nearly impossible. Only female fighters and perhaps some sports writers or promoters have the network of connections to do so. The ranking organizations could do a better job, perhaps enlisting people closer to the real time sport, but theirs is a very tough task. My ranking is really in answer to how difficult their job is.


Notable fights which influenced my rankings, can be seen here:

Thanonchanok defending her WPMF title vs Cocopuff (2016)

Amy Pirnie win over Fanny Ramos (2016)

Amy Pirnie 2011 dubious disqualification loss to Silvia LaNotte

Fah Yokkao’s Fighter of the Year win vs an unknown opponent (2016)

Saya Ito win over Little Tiger Title Defense (2016)

Loma’s Gold medal win at the 2015 IFMAs

Little Tiger’s loss to Pungsiam (2015)

Thanonchanok’s win over Hongkaw (2015)

Faa Chiangrai’s disputable loss to Little Tiger (2014)

Buakaw’s loss to Phetjee Jaa (2015)

PhetJee Jaa’s win over Faa Chiangrai (2015)


These rankings of course are not taken to be definitive, they are more a snapshot of lower-weight pro female Muay Thai, and only can reflect the reach of my awareness and those I talk to. If you feel that an active, top pro 48 kg and under fighter has been left off the list please send me a note on Facebook or by email: sylvie AT 8limbs.us


You can see my original ranking of the top 48 kg fighters and below here, with discussion of the nature of this list.

If you are a fan of female fighters and fights, here is a fight video thread where you can see some of the best.


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