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Saenchai private training


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Has anyone had a 1-2-1 with Saenchai? His priced at 8000tbh or approx £180 per hour, which is a lot of money although I completely understand it’s Saenchai it’s going to be more money then average

But apart from being able to say I’ve trained with him, is it worth the money?

Im torn between ‘his a legend’ and ‘I’m being ripped off’

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For me, I’m too practical to pay such a high price when there are so many wonderful trainers in Thailand to learn from. If you can afford it and you want to then it may be worth it. This is not a helpful comment at all.

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Haha, maybe not helpful as such, but it’s exactly how I’m feeling

There are many great trainers here and all a lot cheaper, however it’s my chance to train with Saenchai, but....... so much money

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