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Advice to First-Timer in the Ring

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I'm stepping into the ring for my first match soon (not in Thailand and wearing full protection). Although I have trained for quite a while, I added sparring later in my training and so still alternate between confident and hesitant, depending on my mental state/sparring partner (maybe this is always normal, but I think lack of experience plays a big role here). I am not aiming to be [insert favorite Muay Thai legend here] in the ring for my first match, but I want to make sure I perform to the best of my ability without "freezing up". 

My question is for Sylvie and for anyone who has a few matches under their belt: 

"Looking back now, if you were in your corner for your first-ever fight, what advice would you give yourself?"

Looking forward to your answers, and thank you!

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1. Breathe

2. Have fun


That’s it. :) Nothing will ever go according to plan in your first match. Your opponent is also goimg to be quite green. I’m not saying you will door poorly. I just mean that even after 5, 10, 50+ fights you will look back and think about what could have been better in your performance. So don’t let apprehension stop you from enjoying something most people don’t have the guts to do!


Get in there, BREATHE, and have fun!

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Yeah, in my first ever fight my oldest brother was sitting next to my husband, so in the recording you can hear him yelling, "Breathe! Boffus, breaaaathe!" It is still, to date, the best fight advice I've ever gotten; still holds up, still the most important part.

The way you describe your alternate bouts of confidence and nervousness is totally normal and I'd even say is good. So, don't worry about switching back and forth, just make sure that when you're nervous you're letting that energy move out and through you and aren't bottling it up inside as if it should be hidden or something. The first fight is a blur but it's also an awesome ride. Critiquing your technique or strategy INSIDE the ring or even directly after is a waste - you can break it down later, a good day or more after the fight. But in the ring it's not "coach" time, it's letting your training speak for itself time. You've already done the work. Just go.

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