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Training whilst unwell

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Imagyer a long break from training, I’m finally back and loving it, so it’s just my luck that I come down with a cold.

My head is saying taking a few days off, rest and recover then get back on it, however I’m worried that a few days off my new regime will mean I fond it difficult to go back, and I’ll also be feeling lazy.

Am I best to train through my cold?

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Hi (other) Lucy :)

I usually train with a cold since I find that after a warm up my sinus' clear and I'm fine. I usually feel a lot better.

Although if it's the first few days of a cold, and I feel really gross, I'd probably skip it. 

Like NewThai says though, you might spread the virus, so I'd make sure I'm not going to sneeze on anyone. ;-)

Feel better soon!


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Depends how you react to colds... if you're feeling lousy then skip 'proper' training and do a little quiet shadow boxing at home or something if you really feel worried about missing a workout; but there's no point in making yourself really ill by pushing yourself too hard when your body is busy using all its resources trying to fight off a virus. I know how frustrating it is to be trying to restart training and then having to stop again, but you're loving it - so there's no real reason to fear that you won't feel bothered enough to get cracking when you feel better.

Get well soon!

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What Sylvie said. In Thailand, or even with a Thai trainer in the States, you are expected to do everything the exact same as you would when healthy. Here I try to avoid training with others, especially anyone cutting weight who might be more susceptible to germs. Maybe hit pads with a well-fed holder ;-) 

Plus, Sudafed is a hell of a drug. 
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