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I used to live in Kamphaeng Phet, half way between Bangkok and Chiang Mai.  If you are over in Thailand, make sure make a visit out there! It is one of the best places I have ever been to and I am so grateful for my time spent there. A friend of mine recently moved to Kamphaeng Phet and has taken up a campaign to raise money for the gym we train/ trained at. Keatchatchi is a small family run gym, consisting of a few bags and a ring in the garage of the gym owner's backyard. I believe since I've left they have knocked down a couple walls for more space. The gym consistently puts out good fighters who fight at Ratchadamnoen and on tv! Beyond good fighters, the gym puts out good people. These kids are wonderful individuals, lively and charming, devoted and determined. It's truly a family, a home away from home. They look after one another and are some of the most respectful kids I have ever met. Once you train at this gym, you become part of their family. Many of the kids fight to support their families, as do many other fighters across Thailand. It's important to remember most of them are only kids and should be able to go to school and play and learn and grow and do all the things that kids are supposed to do. It would be amazing if we could all support them in some small way. There are two other gyms in the area as well, all needing a little extra support. 

Thank you so much!

Here are a couple links to give you more info: 


Keatchatchi Gym

Boxing Boys 

KPP Boxing Boys GoFundMe

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