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Fightland: New York's First Gay Boxing Club

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Sounds a bit hipster...but I'm not judging. Apparently there is a need for such a gym if they have members.

I thinks it's a great idea, because a lot of gay men have self-confidence issues which can stop them from undertaking activites in "straight" clubs. I think it's a really understanding and supporting enviroment they are building in this gym.

Well, there are people who like to train, but don't like to be hit, or punch someone in the face (remember it goes both ways). I wouldn't call this boxing, but boxing-based self-defence-related classes :) But it's too long, so boxing it is. 

As a side note: a guy at my hairdressers' was gay (well both of them are) and we were talking about martial arts and he's told me a story from the time he was training BJJ. He said it was a lot of fun for him :D Apart from the sports aspect ;) But apparently no-one knew he was gay there. So there are obviously gay guys who train martial arts in "normal" gyms, but I think there's also a group that has other needs when it comes to excercising martial-arts-style.

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