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Mike Lebek

What are Some Fun Drills for Developing Technique??

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Just trying to put together some drills for my training, some that I can use with either a partner on Thai Pads or on the Heavy Bag. 

For example: 

Pyramid Drill for kicks - left round once, right round once, left round twice, right round twice, etc, etc, all the way to 10 and back down


What other drills do you guys like to do? For any technique. 


Thanks guys !


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Not long ago, my coach made us do something called 20-20-20. It's kinda like a pyramid drill but there are 3 rounds. It will take around 20 minutes or more. Good to do once in a while for building endurance (physical and mental  :sweat:). 

20 punches, 20 kicks each side, 20 knees each side, then 18, 16, etc...down to 2. Then all the way up to 20. Then all the way back down to 2.

Otherwise, I just do normal bag rounds..focusing on movement and trying out different combinations that I make up on the spot. And skipping knees while turning the bag and kneeing the same spot is a good clinch drill. 

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I made up this drill to practice a couple combos, I call it the 7 Down Drill.


You start by doing 7 rounds of 4 combinations or techniques then moving down to 6, all the way to none.

1. Jab, Cross, Lead Hook, Rear Roundhouse (7 times for the first round)

2. Right Roundhouse (7 for the first round)

3. Alternating Knees (7 each side)

4. Jab, Cross, Double Left Roundhouse (7 times for the first round)

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