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chuwattana gym vs EminentAir?

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Anyone had any experience...planning in making a trip out in Jan and looking for advice...read the above post about luktupfah but wanted to ask people's opinions on Chuwattana and also EminentAir gym. How is instruction? How technical to they get. Don't want to end up just smashing oads for the sake of smashing pads but want someone to improve what I'm doing and also focus on clinch.


Anyone had experience?

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I've heard Eminent Air is pretty expensive for what it offers, and while it used to be a go-to gym for many long termers we knew that trend seems to have changed a little. Hopefully someone else can hop in with actual knowledge of the situation, but thought I'd add this:

It's a completely different part of the country, but Lamnamoon sounds very interesting, based on the things you are looking for.

Also, a hidden little gym that gets very little coverage in English is Dejrat Gym in Bangkok. We visited there last month, and Sylvie did some work on pads and in private. Arjan Surat is extremely Old School, very correcting. He's the head coach of the Thai National Team, and is no-nonsense, but also seems very big hearted.

People looking at Chuwattana and Eminent Air tend to be looking for the "authentic" Thai Gym experience, and Dejrat is definitely that. But it is very small (physically). They do focus on clinch, from what we were told.

You read a little about the gym here.

Here is a little of their sparring:

Here is a video walk through:

I know neither answers your question, but more information is better than less. Might as well throw it out there.

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Thanks for the advice....sounds like EminentAir might be off the cards..I also heard about the prices being steep. Dejrat looks appealing though accommodation may be and issue but looks like a great camp. lamnamoon might have to wait until next trip as I'm limited in time this round.

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Dejrat looks appealing though accommodation may be and issue


Kaitlin Young just spent a month there, living in the house. I think she mentioned that there were rooms to be had not far from the gym too. If you need help figuring it out maybe she can give insight. She's on Twitter and FB. Sylvie can help you with Thai if you need to ask a question of their FB page.

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