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I've trained for a couple of years, bouncing around to different gyms while I have travelled for work. I've never had a long term coach work with me and have always taken classes to learn what I can on any given day depending on what the curriculum is at the said gym.

I would like to dedicate time to learn the fundamentals and would like to know what is a good way of structuring learning as a beginner. What fundamentals should I be learning and what would that training look like?

What do I ask a trainer to teach me? What is the progression? 

Thank you.


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@Ikigaiwarriorthis is a very big question and I guess it would vary depending on which teacher you ask to teach you. One thing though, I really wish I had focused a lot more time on is rhythm and footwork. While learning a different martial arts discipline, this has become an issue for me as it's more difficult to adjust to a new stance as I haven't properly learned to _feel_ where my feet are and how to channel power through my body. I don't really feel where my feet are and I sometimes cross my legs or just keeping them way to narrow or way to far apart or back foot is not doing what it should. If that makes sense. 

Another big thing imho is shadow boxing and doing it purposefully. 

I would also say clinch and arm positioning in clinch. To really understand what is a dominant arm positioning and to feel what your opponent is about to do. 

In general, body awareness is to me very important and something I'm catching up on. To feel yourself and to feel your opponent. 

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