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I’ve been using the gallop more thanks to  Sylvia’s amazing video content. It works incredibly for me but I have a technical question. I notice Yodkhunpon will start his gallop from further away to cut people off and land kicks or elbows to close the distance. I also see that Namsaknoi does a similar one but he sort of switches his stance more going towards the outside of his attacker on either side. However every time I watch Namsaknoi fight he doesn’t seem to do it much until he’s close or it’s very subtle. But in his video with Sylvie he shows a much more gliding stance switching version. Is there a reason you can’t sort of enter this way from further away switching stances and cutting angles or is this only something to do when you’re already pretty close? I’ve used it both ways to great success but only against moderate to low level competitors. I’m not sure if it’s application changes as well with skill and circumstance. 

thank you for reading 🙏🏼🙏🏼


(photos below aren’t the best screen grabs but I wanted to show the one she shows switching stance gallop from further away. This is the one I like the most) 




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Hi, Yodkhunpon uses the gallop to cut off the ring and corral the opponent; what Namsaknoi is doing is getting outside the opponent's guard, which is why it's used from so close. He moves the opponent's guard with his own arms and kind of "ladder climbs" their guard to slip to the outside, where he has a pretty open shot and they have virtually no defense. This can only happen from very close; if you do it from far away, the opponent just adjusts their feet and they are facing you again. 

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Thank you so much! I watched even more of the videos and tried some more at advanced sparring. The switch step backwards while they attack to angle off or quarter turn in the new direction is incredible. While coming forward I used the lateral movement at 45 degree angles to set up kick and new angles for marching and getting my gloves on their gloves to push them to the side.  It helps a lot since I’m not as tall and coming straight forward or backwards usually results in me getting lit up. So thank you so much Sylvie 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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