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I decided to go to Manop! (Need some help tho)

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Hey! I posted about getting some help on what gym to visit! 

First I was set on Sitjaopho but I missed a more structured training routine (Running, more pads etc) So it ended up to be either Manop or Singpatong. I picked Manop cause they seem to be very technical and puts alot of emphasis on very small details to get your technique perfect! 

I messaged them on FB about prices and got a link to their website, where it said 10000 Baht / Month so 30000 Baht for my 3-month stay, which is more than alright for me.

I phoned them today asking about accomodations and he said they had but I really could not understand the cost for it, so if anyone knows what accommodations go for at Manop that would be amazing! (For 3 months) and also if the price is only for the room or for room+training


Thanks in advance!

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