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Recommended Muay Mat Style Gyms in Thailand

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I'm looking to go Thailand and I was wondering if anyone had experience training at either sitmochai or kaewsamrit gym? I have more of a punch and low kick style and would love to know which would be best to strengthen my game. If there's any other gym recommendations I would be grateful. Thanks ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

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I've not heard much about Sitmonchai in the last two years, but if there is one gym that is strongly associated with a fighting style, and produces that style in a competent way, that would be Sitmonchai. I'd be pretty surprised if you came to them looking to develop punch and lowkick styles and didn't get a LOT of support and nurture in that.

The only other gym I could think of that might be like that, would be very, very different than Sitmonchai, would be Arjan Metprik's gym in Khorat, which has for decades taught a hard Muay Maat and lowkick style in a traditional way. But it is not a gym that really looks like it has had farang much, and seems mostly full of local kids long past its glory days in the early 2000s. But you can see Arjan's style in this Muay Thai Library session.

#103 Metprik Silachai - Lost Techniques of Old School Muay Maat Lowkick Pressure (81 min) watch it here

Wow what a session. Arjan Metprik was not only a great fighter of the Silver Age of Muay Thai, he created the relentless fighting style of 2001 Fighter of the Year Thongchai Tor. Silachai. It's just an amazing lowkick, knee and Muay Maat style full of pressure and toughness. See how he trains his fighters in this Old School Khorat gym: https://www.patreon.com/posts/48810277


Another option if you are into hands is Kem's Muay Thai gym below Khorat. He is largely credited with turning Muay Khao legend Yodwicha into a hands heavy international fighter, and works on hands and proper spacing and footwork a lot. It's a beautiful gym up on a mountain, and he's a very technical focused trainer. He won't be doing any punch-kick combos over and over, but his emphasis on hands in the constellation of all the Muay Thai weapons is really great. There are a few sessions with him in the Library, here is one:

#53 Kem Sitsonpeenong 2 - Mastering Everything In Between (80 min) watch it hereย 

With one of the great technique krus of Thailand, Kem Kem Muaythai Gym, in his gym in the mountains just below Khorat. A special session that details how to work on all the things in-between strikes. So much to learn in this 80 minutes. He's a special teacher.



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