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We've Increased the Number of Likes You Can Give Each Day

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A few members let us know that the default for total "Likes" you can give to content each day was really pretty low. Enthusiastic supporters of the Roundtable were running out. So we finally figured out how to raise that number. You can Like any post or comment just by clicking "Like", so Like away!

Not only does liking something make people feel good, we all need more of that, it also helps comments and posts that you feel have good quality have a better chance of ending up in the Best Content area of the site (found at the bottom of each page). Check out the posts that have been most Liked.

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Yay! Like party! No no I think having some credibility is good - I have a Buddhist friend who makes it a practice to like EVERYTHING so me & my husband get the giggles sometimes: 'Oliver. Ilona liked my picture' (Oliver laughs). Sums up the desperation of liking likes. That said, I like them! It's positive!

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