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Suggestions for partner training resources

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I currently live in the American south, Georgia to be specific, and our Covid situation is a cluster fuck. Going to my indoor, not very well ventilated gym where no one is wearing a mask is not an option for safety reasons.

I have put together a small group of people who are interested in training in my well ventilated garage wearing masks. So yay, I don’t have to train by myself all the time. But also, we need some guidance or some sort of structure for drills, conditioning, skill coaching, and whatnot. 

Are there any online programs that give guidance on curriculum for partner drills instead of only solo workouts? Ones that are more traditional style Muay Thai? 

Ideas? Suggestions? Most of us have been training in the 2-3 year range so not complete noobs but not super advanced either. 

I’m also hoping to be able to pay a coach for guidance and hopefully come in to coach in person once a week. That’s proving to be a challenge though despite offering a fair rate so not sure if that will work out. 

Thank you for any sort of guidance. 

** I’m aware of Sean Fagan’s YouTube stuff but I don’t have an interest in following him for reasons unrelated to training. 

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When it comes to structure training, over here we have some 15mins of warm-up.

After that we either go to 5-6 rounds of pad work, 2 times. One holding pads, partner working out and change after the first set.
At the end some 100 or 150 kicks each leg at the heavy bag or pads and some strength. 

For Pad work just gather your ideas, you can go for any technique or combination you like.

On technique days, we just go for partner training, without pads. If you don't remember any techniques to improve, just sort some out online. Every one performing each technique 2 or 3 times, then change, with rounds of ~3min.

Hope that could help you a little.

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