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These four video parts make up part 1 of my Conversation with Kelly Creegan. You can check out the blog post article for part 1 here. It's the the camera rolling as we sit and have a chat. The 2nd part of the Interview should be up next week. Kelly is a member of our forum here and it was great to finally meet her. She's been at Sitmonchai Gym for a while now, a quiet, family-like gym a couple of hours out of Bangkok, and is moving to Eminent Air in Bangkok later this summer. 

Kelly, sorry for that still on the 2nd video, YouTube just does what it wants!

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I just got the time to sit back and watch :D it's so cool to "meet" the fighters you interview, Sylvie. Espescially since I like Kelly a lot - from the blog and Facebook :D :D It's cool to actually see and listen to her. 

From what I heard, I think I share Kelly's attitute towards life a bit, that makes me really happy, coz I can relate a bit more now to what goes on in her life.

I'm looking forward to part 3 and 4 :D :D

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