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A Fast Easy Way To Get Caught Up On The Forum On Mobile

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The new software updates to the forum have a very handy, fast way to get updated on all the activity that has happened on the forum since you were last here. Especially on mobile. You'll see the little newspaper icon at the top (circled red in the screen shot). It will give you a super browse-able list of new comments and posts. As you can see by the green circled item you can filter everything down too.

Additionally, in your profile settings you can choose how you want your notifications will occur, and you can set up following particular forum members and other cool stuff. 

There is also a very robust private messaging system in the forum you can use to cross-communicate.

There are so many Easter Eggs in this software I'm provably just scratching the surface. If you run into something cool share it with everyone, if you would. 

Screenshot_20190511-205439_Chrome Beta.jpg

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