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Muay Tae Gyms in Thailand - A Kick Heavy Style

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I have often read about Muay Khao, Muay Fimeu or Muay Mat gyms - gyms emphasizing a certain style and the development of a particular skill; but I would like to know whether there is such a thing as a Muay Tae gym, that is a gym famous for developing strong kickers. This is namely my main strengths which I would like to take to the next level. Can you recommend one in Thailand? What about Kem Muay Thai and Kiatmoo9?

Thank you

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Silapathai was one of the great kicking fighters ever. You should watch his kick battle with Karuhat where he simply out kicks the wizard of style. We asked Karuhat "why did you just keep kicking with him?" and said "What else was I going to do?!"  

He teaches at the old Jockygym (now Skarbowsky Gym) in Bangkok, which brought up Saenchai, Lerdzila, etc. He's amazing. I maybe would only suggest the gym if you plan of taking several privates with him, just to get the focus right. Here is a segment of Sylvie's Patreon session with him:


Kem's gym is more of an all-around technical gym. Not specializing in kicks, but certainly teaches beautiful styling, including kicking. 

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38 minutes ago, SunAndSteel said:

How about Kiatmoo9? Their fighters seem to be highly dangerous with their right kicks and right elbows. 

Sorry, I know nothing about Kiatmoo9, other than the names of famous fighters out of it. If you are talking about gyms that farang regularly can train at, none of the farang-open gyms seem overly specialized to be honest about it.

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