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Found 2 results

  1. So how many of you actually dread sparring (clinch or otherwise) with your coach? As a coach I dont really see it so much unless I post a meme or joke about it, then the truth comes out lol. I always looked at myself as merely a gate keeper, not the top of the food chain, so cant really understand the fear of dealing with me. For me, if they can handle me then thats merely the first step. All my top guys can deal with me no problem. How do you guys feel about it? Scary coaches? Or is it fun sparring with them? Let me know VID_26620329_013231_040.mp4
  2. So a good friend made this meme a while back and its always resonated with me. The idea being dont pass over the basics and fundamentals for fancy technique. This meme always becomes so relevant when someone in combat sports wins by spinning anything. Not because Im against spinning techniques, but because of how they always seem to jump the line so to speak past tried and true (possibly boring to students?) fundamental techniques with high percentages of landing. For context: (its not muay Thai I know, but it does effect me teaching muay Thai, so...) Raymond Daniels winning his fight in mma this last weekend. If you havent seen it, look up Bellator's social media. Curious to hear people's opinions, reactions, etc.
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