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Found 3 results

  1. This is an anchor post for any discussion on my 101 on Getting Stitches in Thailand blog post which attempts to cover everything from getting cut, to how to handle the ref, to getting stitches themselves, aftercare and socailial consequences in Thailand. if you have running questions or experiences you can post them in this thread and if you need help the community will try to answer. This post and conversation aims to be a foundation for a chapter in the book Emma and I are writing A Guide to Female Fighting in Thailand.
  2. I received a strong blow to the shin sparring, and the subsequent bruise and knot/swelling followed. I put ice on it the first two days and then tried the towel/hot water method that Silvye shows in her video. It felt good, the problem is that after the second time I did it I ended up with scratchings on my skin from the towel (I have very thin skin, it sucks) so now I don't know what to do. My trainer, the old one, told me to freeze a glass water bottle and then roll my shin with it. I could also try the stick method. I am confused What do you use to treat your shins? Do you have any suggestion for sensitive skin?
  3. Hi everyone, Have you had any serious foot cramps before? The kind that feels like your feet are getting all crunched up and you try to move the muscles in your feet but that only makes the pain worse and actually nothing moves on your feet anyway. It's debilitating although temporary. The annoying part is that it comes and goes consistently at random times. Massaging with rubber balls seems to help, but only temporarily. I've been give the advice that it's due to excessive sweating during training and thus depletion of essential minerals, and was encouraged to take some magnesium and vitamin B12? Someone also recommended to eat shit loads of bananas, which I did but that doesn't help either. Would love any constructive feedback! Thanks guys
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